E. C. “Coy” Campbell was born April 27, 1913, in the far east Texas town of Center that serves as the
county seat of Shelby. His parents Annie Fleming and Francis Marion “Frank” Campbell were married in
Shelby County June 30, 1909. They had two other sons Curtis (1910) and James (1915) before Annie’s
untimely death in 1918 at the age of 21. She was buried in the Strong Cemetery, Shelby County. Two

Final Quarterly Sheriff’s Report

Happy Spring to you all! We survived the coldest winter East Texas has experienced in all of my
lifetimes. We’re seeing the negative results of the sub-zero temps with many plants, trees, and
flowers that have failed to bloom back this spring. It’s sad to see, but it’s the cycle of nature.
We’ve had a beautiful spring so far, and I’m sure the dog days of East Texas summer are right
around the corner.

Every Veteran Has a Story - Joe Bill Beard

Three days before the new year was celebrated in the East Texas
community of Timpson, Shelby County, Joe Bill Beard was born on
Monday, December 29, 1924. He was the sixth of eight children raised
by Elna Baker and Ernest Franklin Beard, Sr. Older brothers included
Arvin Taylor (1911), Carl Hillard (1913), Marvin (1915), Wilburn Thomas
(1917) and Haskel (1919). A younger brother, Ernest Franklin, Jr. (1929)


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