Timpson Municipal Court Judge Bogue swears in new City Council members

Timpson City Council met on Tuesday, May 19 at 5:30, and with a quorum present, Mayor Debra Smith called the meeting to order.
Larry Burns offered the invocation, which was followed by the Pledges to the U.S. Flag and the Texas Flag.
Timpson Chamber of Commerce President Paul Smith announced that there would be a meeting of the Chamber at the Timpson Library at5 p.m. Marilyn Corder felt it was necessary, so close to the time for Frontier Days. Smith reported that at the BBQ Cook Off, the kite-flying was a big hit, especially with those who had never flown a kite. At Mayor Smith’s question about the Timpson Pony Express, President Smith replied that he didn’t the date for that yet. Mayor Smith then related that the lights at MLK at the baseball field would be turned on
June 1.
Mayor Smith recognized anniversaries of employees with the City of Timpson: Tommy Sparks - 29 years; Kent Graham - 5 years; and Thomas Jernigan - 2 years.
Kathleen Moore, who had requested the three-minute Citizens Output time to voice comments regarding the Mayor, did not attend the meeting.
The meeting then proceeded to Item # 8 on the Agenda - Department Reports.
The Public Works Report was given by Larry Burns, who reported that, in the month of April, 37 work orders were received and 33 resolved. “There is a note on the bottom that says, ‘It is not possible to do any more work right now, because of the rain and water on the road,’” Burns said. “Of course, the water line being in the center of the road, it’s kind of impossible to dig one up to work on it, unless it just breaks and we just have to. we’d have to work on it and put it back in.”
“I don’t know if it was April or May, but we did get the one at the fire hydrant, at Mrs. Woods’, that was a T-link, and that did get that repaired.”
Yes, ma’am,” Burns replied. “We did get that repaired.” Burns went on to say that culverts had been installed in several locations around town, including two at So-So Park.
Council member Ronnie Wolfe then interjected, “I have a question here. Are we having a lot of trouble with those cast iron water pipes that were put in in 1916?”
“Yes, sir,” Burns replied.
“Those that are in the middle of the road?” Wolfe continued.
“In the middle of the road, we’ve got bell joints every 13 feet, and that’s where most of the leaks are that you see, popping up in the road,” Burns answered.
“In your professional opinion, what’s going to remedy that?” Wolfe asked.
“To replace the lines,” Burns responded.
“We’re going to take them out of the middle of the road, and put them in the throw ditch, is that correct?” Wolfe asked.
“Yes, sir, that’s correct,” said Burns.
“And, also, what are we going to have to do to the street?” Wolfe asked.
“We’re going to have to redo the streets. There are pieces all over town, and there’s not much we can do about them right now,” Burns answered.
Tommy Sparks stated, “I don’t know if you have to redo the streets to move the water lines.”
“Well, no, but you got to redo the streets where all the water leaks are,” Wolfe replied.
“You know, we got money from Hurricane Ike to redo some streets,” Sparks offered.
“Yes, we did Market Street with Hurricane Ike money,” Wolfe replied.
“And then, we got round two to do some more streets,” Sparks countered.
“Yes, to do more of Market Street,” Wolfe replied.
“This spring, the rain this spring has done more damage to our streets: I would say it has done 50 times more damage than Hurricane Ike did,” Sparks said...
“What about the sewer, Larry?” Wolfe asked.
“We still have a bunch of that in the road,” Burns replied.
“And the rain’s compounding that problem, isn’t it?” Wolfe again questioned.
“That’s correct,” answered Burns.
“It’s infiltration water that’s flooding our sewer plant?” asked Wolfe.
“Right,” Burns replied.
“Is this going to be quite expensive to fix?” Wolfe inquired.
“Yes,” said Burns.
There was some discussion about a bid for fixing a street that turned out to be Archie Street that ran up to the railroad, that totaled about $115,000.
“All this is going to cost the City, because the last time I was involved in getting grants - you only get grants in minority areas. You can’t get grants to fix streets in other areas, is that correct?” Wolfe asked.
“To my knowledge, yes,” Burns responded.
“So, the City’s going to bear the full brunt of that burden, right?” Wolfe inquired.
“Yes, sir,” Burns answered.
Mayor Smith then intervened, “We’ve actually got some numbers off the low-to-moderate income. They’re changing that number – remember where we were? They’re changing that number back to where we will be.”
“Well, that’s good, but it will still be back where it was,” Wolfe said.
“But it’ll be more advantageous to get grants, and you can get them, as long as they’re serving low to moderate income,” continued Mayor Smith. “There is another two years in the grant cycle, unless they get some kind of disaster thing going, because of all the rain.”
Wolfe proceeded with his thoughts, “What I’m getting at, in the next two to three years, we’re going to be looking at replacing a lot of those sewer lines and water lines. We’ve replaced the ones we could, with grants.”
“Right,” Burns responded.
“And, it’s going to be expensive. As you said a while ago, $115,000, for just that one section., Wolfe continued.
“That’s two and a half blocks,” said Burns.
“Okay, I just wanted to make that point,” Wolfe said.
Mayor Smith responded, “We’ve got a whole section on budget that we’re going to be working on – not tonight.”
The meeting continued with the Department Reports, with Kent Graham giving the Police Department Report: 30 agency assists; 16 motorist assists; three escorts; 11 extra patrol requests; five loose livestock; eight animal complaints; one warrant served; three thefts; one theft of firearm; two thefts by check; one DWI; two crash investigations, with one fatality; one animal cruelty; one criminal mischief; 14 disturbances; three suspicious persons; five suspicious vehicles; six reckless drivers; nine investigations; one possession of marijuana; one evading arrest with a vehicle; and one endangering a child. There were 125 calls for service, with one for endangering a child.
The Municipal Court Report included the following: 110 citations issued; 137 violations, 0 to juveniles and 10 to minors; total amount reported - $19,544, with the City’s portion - $10,749.20.
City Secretary Leslie Leathers announced, “I have included in your packet a schedule for the Budget Cycle 2015-2016. At the June meeting, the Mayor will present the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year Budget Comparison. We will also be setting dates to work with each department on their upcoming budgets for ’15 – ’16. If any Council members would like to attend those meetings, we need to set specific times. So, get with me on that.”
Other reports by Secretary Leathers were that the Austin Bank sewer repairs were completed; a PO was issued to Texas Hydrant Services, and work has begun on the audits; and a PO was issued to Roan & Hoffpauir for the appraisal on the Runnels property. Because of the election on May 9, no meetings were scheduled with Pat Oates to discuss the Archie Street repairs.
The Early Voting and the May 9 General Election voted were canvassed, and Resolution 05-13-15-1, an Order declaring the canvassing of the City of Timpson General Election, May 9, 2015 passed unanimously.
Certificates of Election for Council members, Kyle Allen, Janell Baker, and George Grace were issued by Secretary Leathers, and each newly-appointed candidate signed a statement of elected officers.
Municipal Judge James Bogue then issued the Oaths of Office  to the newly-elected Council members.
After the swearing-in of the Council members, the next item of business was the electing of the Mayor Pro Tem. Kyle Allen immediately nominated George Grace, who immediately declined. Grace, in turn, nominated Ronnie Wolfe, who was elected as Mayor Pro Tem.
The Consent Agenda was then approved:
a.    Minutes of the April 21, 2015 regular meeting;
b.    Financial statement for the month of April, 2015;
c.     Accounts Payable – unpaid bills for April, 2015; and
d.    Timpson Cemetery Grave Site Map, to be done by Goodwin-Lassiter at a cost of $8,500. The current map on the wall in the hallway of City Hall is the only one now available, and the printing is faint. The map is rendered harder to read by the many water spots. Goodwin-Lassiter will make a digital wall map and have online a pdf formatted map. Printed copies will be available, also.
After the Consent Agenda was approved, Ronnie Wolfe stood and handed out to Council Members copies of Payroll Summary – General for October 2014 through April 2015; and
Profit and Loss by Class for October 2014 through April 2015. Wolfe pointed out the numbers showing General Expenditures for the Police Department that showed an average monthly loss of $13,663.83 and a projected yearly loss of $163,965.96.
After some discussion, Mayor Smith completed the last two agenda items:
a.    Payment of the TCEQ renewal fees; and
b.    Resolution of authority and contact information for Austin and Texas State Bank accounts, adding City Secretary Leslie Leathers to the noted accounts; also, set up Leathers to utilize online Austin Bank.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 p.m.