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Timpson family seeking owner of livestock involved in traffic incident

At approximately 8:00 pm on Thursday, February 7, 2020, my daughter, granddaughter and a friend, were heading to Tyler from Timpson when their vehicle, a 2018 Hyundai Sonata, struck and killed a black bull calf standing in the middle of Hwy. 84, about 4 miles out of Mt. Enterprise, near FM 95.  Thankfully, none of the passengers were harmed, but the vehicle was totaled.  Several residents came to the scene, but of course, no one knew who the bull belonged to and no one has stepped up to claim him. 

   The car was insured, and my daughter does not want to sue anyone but would have greatly appreciated a little financial help for a down payment on a replacement vehicle.  When does taking responsibility for your animals stop...or when does it start?  I am aware that we live in a time where everyone seems to be out for each other, but these livestock owners should be held responsible for at least a small part of these many accidents that happen right here in our communities.   There should be laws that REQUIRE livestock owners to brand or tag any animal on their property.  If I knew where to start, I would do it, so if you have any ideas or suggestions on what can be done, please feel free to contact me at


This is happening far too frequently, and we need to step up to protect our families and ourselves.