Notice of Mosquito Spraying in Timpson

The City of Timpson will be spraying and using mosquito dunks in areas around town containing stagnant water in effort to control the local mosquito population by preventing the hatching of larvae. With proof of residency, City residents may pick up additional dunks at the City Hall for outdoor use around their homes if you have stagnant water on your property. As an extra measure, the City will be periodically misting from 6:00 – 9:30 p.m. over the new few weeks. It is safe for animals and vegetation, but we recommend you remain indoors for 30 minutes when spraying in your immediate area. For more information, see EPA Reg. Nos. 73748-11. We urge all citizens to check their yards and to drain any areas/containers holding standing water to help with the control of mosquitoes.