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LAKE TIMPSON: Notice on Noise, Trash and Trespassing

Hello Lake Timpson Neighbors.  We have been seeing an increase in the number of people at the boat ramp in the last few weeks.  This is typical for the beginning of the summer season.  However, this year there is also an increase in littering and disregarding the posted rules at the boat ramp and spillway.

There have been several large boats pulling skiers.  First of all, the boats are too big for this small lake.  Secondly, they play loud music which disrupts the peace.  The music is often filled with profanity and vulgar language.  These boats go fast and create big wakes that wash up on shorelines.  Lake Timpson is a public lake, but people are being rude and disrespectful when they use these boats and ruin things for people trying to enjoy the lake.

The area by the spillway has a sign stating that fishing/parking are not allowed.  There is also a type of fence to keep vehicles out.  This has been there for some time.  Recently people have been parking along the road and going down to the pond below the spillway to fish.  Now they drive over the fence and park there.  One of our neighbors texted me that the game warden had issued 3 tickets to people for trespassing.  This is great.  However, people keep coming there while ignoring the sign.  They are leaving their trash there and under the welcome to Lake Timpson sign.  

There is also a sign at the boat ramp stating that no alcohol is allowed.  This sign is ignored every day.  

The boat ramp is closed after 9 p.m. except for boaters/fishermen coming in.  This too is ignored.


People ignore signs and warnings because there is no consequence for their behavior.


I am asking everyone to please call the game wardens if you see any of these things happening:


Loud Music - in boats or at the boat ramp  (Noise Complaint)

Fishing at the spillway - which is closed to the public  (Trespassing)

Drinking alcohol at the boat ramp or underage drinking

Drinking and driving a boat

Having firearms at the boat ramp

People at the boat ramp after 9 p.m.


Please don't confront the people yourselves.  Always call law enforcement with a complaint. Get a license tag if you can.


Game Wardens:  AUSTIN CRYER  936-591-7265    OR  SAMUEL ANDERSON  936-332-8487


You can also call the SHELBY COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE  at  936-598-5600  to file a Noise Complaint


Or CONSTABLE HAIRGROVE at 936-572-0340


We all need to work together to keep the peace at Lake Timpson

Thank you for your help.