When I got married I owned a 1950 Chevrolet two-door sedan. It was a
pretty vehicle, and it had served me well during my college days. Now, after
marriage and contemplating starting a family, I felt that a newer, larger car
was in order.
I found a nice used 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air four-door at Butts Chevrolet that
appealed to my new paternal nature. It was black and white with fender
skirts on the rear fenders. Although not air-conditioned, it did have an AM

Things to consider

Greetings to all with the hope that all have been or soon shall be washed in the blood of Christ Jesus. As I
pondered over the many aspects of our lives here on earth, considering the may-ham and all the other
ungodly things taking place in the world at this time in our lives, my phone rang. A recording came on
saying we have been trying to reach you about the warranty on your vehicle that is about to run out, this is

Senator Nichols' 5 Cents

One hundred and thirty-three years ago this month, the present Texas Capitol was formally
dedicated. On May 16, 1888, the dedication ceremony was held with a service, parade, and a
celebration to mark its opening. Over 20,000 people attended the week of festivities. There were
military displays, concerts, drill team competitions, and fireworks. Senator Temple Houston,
Sam Houston's youngest son, accepted the building on behalf of the state.