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Tenaha ISD students participated in UIL Academic Competition on December 11th and 13th at Joaquin ISD.  Over 70 Tenaha students participated in a variety of contest such as Dictionary Skills, Math, Spelling, Maps and Graphs, Listening and many more.  Team and Individual results are as follows:




Calculator 7 – 1st  Place Jessica Aguilar, I'Tyanna Dagley, Jessel Gonzalez          


Number Sense 7 – 1st Place  Britney Barona, Tyson Jenkins, Angelica Sandoval  


Mathematics 7 – 1st Place  Jessica Aguilar, Britney Barona, Angelica Sandoval   


Calculator 6 – 1st Place  Brianna Jackson, Christopher Suell, Juan Vega   


Social Studies 7 – 1st  Place  Jessel Gonzalez, Tyson Jenkins, Angelica Sandoval


Dictionary 6 – 2nd  Place  Maria Aguilar, Jairo Hernandez, Alexander Rojas        


Maps, Graphs, & Charts 6 – 2nd Place  Jayden Beatriz, Jairo Hernandez, Jaun Vega                                

Science 8 - 2nd Place  Joshua Alcantar,  Jaxon Eubank, Kim Cave  


Dictionary 7 - 2nd Place  Jessica Aguilar, Christal Sparks, Gladys Tovar   


Listening 6 - 2nd Place  Tatyana Adams, Callianna Cassell, Shelby Eubank          


Calculator 8 - 2nd Place  Joshua Alcantar, Leticia Balladares, Alex Tyner 


Maps, Graphs, & Charts 7 – 3rd Place  Jessica Aguilar, Britney Barona,    

                                                           Christian Rodriguez               


Maps, Graphs & Charts 8 - 3rd Place  Kim Cave, Eneida Gonzalez, Alex Tyner   


Spelling 7 - 3rd Place    Tyson Jenkins, Kimberly Lopez, Michael Santana


Number Sense 8 - 3rd Place  Joshua Alcantar, Emily Chambliss, Alex Tyner        





Spelling 4 – 2nd Place  Calvin Dagley, Richard Dempsey, Azion Gentry   


Maps, Graphs, & Charts 5 -  2nd Place A'Rianna Dagley, Emily Galvan, Adrian Ramirez


Spelling 3 - 3rd Place   Jocelyn Aguilar, Jason Flores, Michael Loredo-Torres      


Number Sense 5 - 3rd Place  A'Rianna Dagley, Arieunna Horton, Adrian Rairez  


Number Sense 4 - 3rd Place  John Farmer, Emely Hernandez, Gage Jenkins         


Music Memory 5 - 3rd Place  Sarita Flores, Emliy Galvan, Macee Henry, Aaron Plata, Aranza Santos,                                       


Music Memory 3/4 - 3rd Place   Kendilyn Bell, Cameron Fleming, Azion Gentry, Kianna Norris, Conon Warr 


Dictionary 5 - 3rd Place  Macy Henry, Arieunna Horton, Cade Sims         



Individual Results Middle School

Jessica Aguilar - Calculator 7,  1st Place


Leticia Balladares - Ready Writing 8, 1st Place, Spelling 8, 5th Place


Britney Barona - Number Sense 7, 1st Place, Maps, Graphs & Charts 7, 1st Place,

                            Mathematics 7, 2nd Place, Ready Writing 7, 2nd Place                            


Angelica Sandoval - Mathematics 7, 1st Place, Editorial Writing 1st Place

                                  Number Sense 7, 2nd Place, Social Studies 7, 2nd Place,

                                  Ready Writing 7, 3rd Place


Jairo Hernandez - Maps Graphs & Charts 6 2nd Place, Number Sense 6 4th Place,

                              Dictionary 6, 4th Place


Alex Tyner - Mathematics 8, 2nd Place, Calculator 8 4th Place


Callianna Cassell - Listening 6 3rd Place


Sophie Hughes - Music Memory 6, 3rd Place


Tyson Jenkins - Social Studies 7, 3rd Place, Spelling 7 5th Place


Christopher Suell - Calculator 6,  3rd Place


Shelby Eubank - Listening 6, 4th Place


Joshua Alcantar - Science 8, 4th Place, Calculator 8 6th Place, Number Sense 8 6th Place


Jessell Gonzalez - Calculator 7, 4th Place


Brianna Jackson - Calculator 6, 4th Place, Number Sense 6 6th Place


Christal Sparks - Dictionary 7     4th Place


Kim Cave - Maps, Graphs & Charts 8, 5th Place, Ready Writing 6th Place


Juan Vega - Calculator 6, 5th Place


Jayden Beatriz - Mathematics 6, 6th Place


I'Tiyanna Dagley - Calculator 7, 6th Place


Lynsie Durbin - Impromptu Speech 6/7/8, 6th Place


KaLisa Parks - Spelling 6, 6th Place


Gladys Tovar - Dictionary 7,  6th Place



                                                     Individual Results ELEMENTARY       


Kaidynce Polley - Creative Writing 2, 3rd Place


Nancy Flores - Storytelling 3, 4th Place


Macy Henry - Dictionary 5, 5th Place


A'Rianna Dagley - Number Sense 5, 5th Place, Maps, Graphs, & Charts 5, 6th Place


Jason Flores - Spelling 3,   6th Place

Michalel Loredo-Torres - Spelling 3, 6th Place


Adrian Ramirez - Maps, Graphs, & Charts 5, 6th Place


Brooklynn Swann - Listening 5, 6th Place


Azion Gentry - Spelling 4, 6th Place


Jaya Johnson - Ready Writing 3, 6th Place