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TENAHA ISD: Tiger News - School to open on time

Ladies and gentlemen....

Just wanted to share a note as we head into the last few days of preparation for school..... the Governor and Commissioner of Education have declared that school will open on time for all Texas schools..... with that said, they have offered individual students and parents the option to choose between remote instruction or “traditional in house” school. In addition, the state has allowed individual school districts to opt to begin school with four weeks of remote only instruction if they deem the situation in their particular district to warrant it. At this time, TISD has no reason to opt for a remote start. There have not been any active positive cases of any TISD employee since work on the new year has begun. Furthermore, students in athletics and band have been on campus for rehearsals And Practices since early July. There have been no active cases among the students who have participated in those workouts or rehearsals since they began.

District personnel is taking every precaution it can. But, it is an inevitability that somewhere, somehow, someone will be tested positive for Covid. There are measures in place to deal with those situations as they arise...

However to be clear, once TEA’s “grace period” of the option for whole district remote instruction passes, Tenaha will be open. And.... it is our intention to open Monday and stay open. If Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that no one..... NO ONE... knows what tomorrow will bring as it relates to this virus. Anyone who tells you they “know” what is best at this point, doesn’t....

Our position is this...... our staff is professional.... it is trained to educate children. It is what they do. We want to see as many kids in school as we can. Not because some Social media rumor mongers say “football season is starting” or because of “funding”.... it is because these PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS know their craft and love their kids... your kids... while we hope to see them all in person, we fully understand that these are unsure times. We know this virus is real and parents, rightfully so, have real health concerns for their kids. Because of that, we fully intend to do our best to educate not only the kids inside the building, but those who choose remote instruction also.

There are a lot of differing feelings and opinions out there about Covid-19. We ask that each stakeholder and parent make the decision that best fits their situation. And we ask that each parent also respect the decision that every other parent is faced with.

The state has declared that every school aged child all across Texas is starting school in the next few days... All of them. They’ve also said that schools won’t be “closing” either. Thankfully, they’ve given every single parent the power to choose the delivery method of instruction for their children. We are glad the state has done that because those of us inside the education profession hold dear our mission to educate the next generation to be better than the one before it.

Hang in there Tigers. We will see you soon.

Scott Tyner, Superintendent of Schools