Special Meeting of Tenaha City Council


Notice is hereby given that a special called meeting of the governing body of the City of
Tenaha will be held on the 16th day of September 2019 at 5:30 pm at the City Hall,
238 North George Bowers Drive, Tenaha, Texas, at which time the following subjects
will be discussed.  If while in the meeting, any discussion on items on the Agenda
should be held in executive session, the Council will convene in accordance with the
Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code Section 551.101.
1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Welcome/Pledge and Prayer
3. Roll Call to establish that a quorum is present
4. Public Comments: Must sign in prior to Meeting being called to order.
5. Discuss and Consider Adopting the 2019 Property Tax Rates. ACTION ITEM
6. Discuss and Consider Amending the 2018-2019 Budget. ACTION ITEM
7. Council Comments
8. Adjourn
I certify that the above was posted on the front door of the Tenaha City Hall at 238
North George Bowers Drive Tenaha Texas at 4:00 pm Friday September 13, 2019 for
public viewing 72 hours prior to 5:30 pm Monday September 16, 2019. Emailed to the
Light and Champion, Shelby County Today and East Texas Press.
Amanda Treat
City Secretary