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Tenaha Tigers' News


Please visit our district web page for other details on our school and activitieswww.tenahaisd.com (The calendar provides the most up to date events)

Tenaha ISD also has a facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Tenaha-Independent-School-District-486433751368156/

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October 11, 2021-HS & JH CX District Meet in Shelbyville; Mineola Marching Contest @ HS 5 pm

October 13, 2021-Drug Free Banner Signing @ Noon

October 14, 2021-JH vs Mt. Enterprise (There) 5:00 pm

October 15, 2021-Pink Out Game!!!Tenaha vs Mt. Enterprise (Home) 7 pm <District Game> SEC Closed

October 16, 2021-UIL Marching Contest @ LOBO Stadium in Longview 9:30 pm

October 18, 2021- Regular Board Meeting 5:30 pm

October 21, 2021-JH vs Cushing (Home) 5:00 pm; PreK-Kinder to Pumpkin Patch (Dixie Maze)

October 22, 2021-Tenaha vs Cushing (There) 7:00 pm <District Game>; Flu Clinic

October 25, 2021-Drug Free Dress Up; Drug Free Program in SEC Grades 3-12 @ 2 pm

October 26, 2021-Drug Free Dress Up; HS CCX @ Sam Houston State University Regional Meet;                              …………………..JH vs Overton (There) 5:00 pm

October 27, 2021-Drug Free Dress Up; Blood Drive in HS Parking Lot

October 28, 2021-Drug Free Dress Up; Senior Night; Pre Game 5:30 pm; Cake Auction;                                                  ………………….Tenaha vs Overton 6:00 pm <District Game>

October 29, 2021- Book Character Day

October 30, 2021-JVG/VG vs Huntington (There) 11:00 am  Scrimmage; Area Marching Contest @ Lindale HS …………………………………………………………………………………(All Day)

November 3, 2021-JVG/VG vs Lufkin (There) TBA Scrimmage

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All A’s Honor Roll

6th Grade - Jocelyn Aguilar, Nancy Flores, and Michael Loredo

8th Grade - Arianna Dagley and Arieunna Horton

9th Grade - Jaydaleeya Curtis

10th Grade - Jessica Aguilar, Kamran Barber, Britney Barona, I’Tiyanna Dagley, Jesel Gonzalez, Dalia Romero, Jordan Ross, Angelica Sandoval, and Mark Segovia

11th Grade - Leticia Balladres-Lopez, Kim Cave, Aaron Flores, and Dafne Pelcastre

12th Grade - Maria Alcaraz, Konner Barber, Trindon Claiborne, Sarahi Flores, Olivia Ford, Ja’Quaylin Garrett, John Head, Cindy Hernandez, Rodrigo Lezcano, Jose Lopez, Alan Mosqueda, and Mariza Yanez

All A’s and B’s Honor Roll

6th Grade - Ana Balldares-Lopes, Carter Duncan, Miriam Flores Espinoza, Jason Flores, Evenlyn Galvan, Rodrigo Hernandez, Jaya Johnson, Angel Lopez-Magana, David Loredo, Maria Maya, and Dalinda Segovia

7th Grade - Kendilyn Bell, Keren Cato, Jasmine Clifton, John Farmer, Alexander Flores, Ramon Flores, Matthew Gatlin, Zakary Hartley, Emely Hernandez, Gage Jenkins, Verranza Mendez, Jonathan Ramirez, Adrian Ross, and Ciro Sandoval

8th Grade - Eddie Barona, Emily Galvin, Maximas Garvin, Jennifer Gonzalez, Alondra Gonzalez, Carloyn  Mathis, Aaron Plata, Luis Ramirez, Karen Reyna, Julissa Rico, Clinton Sims, Kaleb Wagstaff, and Jon Wittenburg

9th Grade - Jayden Beatriz, Chezni Dominguez, Shelby Eubank, Diana Flores, Jairo Hernandez, Brianna Jackson, Brikelian Kenny, Autumn Moody, Marely Perales, Yelitza Perez, and Brayden Raymond

10th Grade - Melissa Flores, Neida Flores, Tyreunnia Dock, Misael Hernandez, Ka’Nyia Hill, Tyson Jenkins, Kimberly Lopez, A’Jeunna Moore, Ja’Tyrian Moore, Michael Santana, La’Taejha Steadman, Gladys Tovar, Robert Williams, and Cristian Zelaya Rodriguez

11th Grade - Estrella Bustamente, Emily Chambliss, Chase Hutto, Emily Perales, and Evan Plata

12th Grade - David Chavira, Adalynn Ducan, Jeremy Evans, Iyterrica Giles, Paxton Graves, Hannah Hicks, Michael Kellar, Pacey Rhodes, Jaquavion Samuels, Mimi Tovar, and Amy Trejo

Another Win !!!!!!


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Senior News:

The Tenaha senior class will be raffling off this custom made Tenaha Tiger fire pit on October 28th at the last home football game...tickets may be purchased from any senior or at any home football game just inside the gate. We would like to give a big Thank You to C&J A/C and Electrical for the donation of time & energy creating this outstanding fire pit to help support our seniors!!!




OR: huckabeejoanna@tenahaisd.com



Reminder: Tenaha Together Committee continues to support our community and needs the communities support as well.

A few of the things that have been done since the organization of the Tenaha Together Committee includes lights and tree for the square, banners around town,  and the beautiful brick signs entering the town.

Please, if you can make a donation to continue projects like these, send it to:  Tenaha Together Committee c/o Julie Tatom - Hughes Spring Bank on Main Street, P. O. Box 380, Tenaha, Texas 75974


"Local Businesses Support the Tenaha Tigers"


If you are interested in purchasing a full color yearbook ad for your business, please contact Ms. Joanna Huckabee at huckabeejoanna@tenahaisd.com

Businesses that would like to place their business card on the Tiger News may contact Brenda Lucas at lucasbrenda@tenahaisd.com or by calling 936-248-5000 ext 201 for details.


Tenaha Youth Center-(936) 332-3581



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