Fillies Begin Season at Classics

Carthage, TX- The Panola Fillies began the 2018-2019 season hosting the Panola Classic at AJ gym. Panola came out with a victory over ETBU-JV. Fillies saw offensive promise as 12 different Fillies scored in the contest. Freshman Jolie Williams led the charge with 19 point while sophomore Maryia Adashychk led the team in rebounding

The Fillies would then fall to Grayson College the following evening 91-85. Panola jumped out to a 21 to 14 lead early. However the lead dwindled as she Fillies went on a scoring drought. After back and forth scoring the Fillies would enter the final period behind. After a grueling fight back the Fillies would ultimately fall to Grayson College. Williams would again lead the Fillies with 21 points. Freshman Kellymar Ramirez led the Fillies in rebounding.

The Fillies traveled to Denison Texas this past weekend to participate in the Grayson College Classic. The Fillies fell to The Independence College 66-60 and Labette College 67-58. The Fillies struggled shooting the ball and keeping key players on the floor due to foul trouble.  The Fillies would fall short after two half court heaves and end of game free throw shooting.

After a tough loss the Fillies returned to actions against Labette College. Once again Panola would jump out to a quick lead. The Fillies saw foul trouble and poor shooing again. Freshman Kenzie Chadwick would be a spark off the bench for the Fillies. Chadwick would lead the Fillies in rebounding and spark a third quarter run. Unfortunately the team would go on a drought and only score 10 points in the final period. Labette would capitalize and charge on for the win.

The Fillies return to action Tuesday November 13, 2018 in AJ Gym at 7pm .