“Straight 42 Tournament”


Saturday, July 2nd

Check in starts at 9am, ends at 10am

All games beginning at 10:30am

Location: Timpson Fire Hall

Entry Fee: $50/team



1st Place: A Yeti Cooler to each member of the team

2nd Place: A Yeti Tumbler to each member of the team

**More prizes could be added at a later time


Brackets will be set up and ready by 10:15am with estimated start times. All teams need to report 30 minutes PRIOR to game start time to ensure tournament speed.


Contact for entry forms and rules:

Jessica Shadix, Timpson VFD Secretary @ (936) 657-8703 or by e-mail: jessicalshadix@gmail.com


Patrick Hendrick, Timpson VFD Chief @ (936) 558-7995

FORMS CAN ALSO BE PICKED UP FROM AUSTIN BANK, TIMPSON, TX- See Michelle Hailey in the Loans Department


Snacks and Drinks will be available for purchase all day!



1st Place: A Yeti Cooler to each member of the team

2nd Place: A Yeti Tumbler to each member of the team

**More prizes could be added at a later time


Bracket Set Up:

Bracket will be set up at 10:15am. All times are estimates and subject to change. All teams need to report at least 30 minutes prior to estimated start time to ensure tournament speed.


A team not reporting within 5 minutes of estimated start time will be eliminated.

First Round- first team to win 3 out of 5 games, advances

  1. nd Round (and any rounds needed between first and final round)- first team to win 2 out of 3 games, advances



Straight 42:

  • Possible bids allowed; 30-42 (all one mark), 84 (2 marks), 3 marks, 4 marks, etc- based on what was bid before, Plunge (4 marks- this can be bid at any time, regardless of prior bid)-must have at least 4 doubles
  • No “low” allowed
  • Splash is NOT allowed, Sevens NOT allowed
  • “Shuffler” is stuck with bid if no one bids before them


Object of the Game

The object of the game is to reach a score of seven (7) marks first.


Start of Play

Setup: Two teams of two people sit at a card table with teammates seated opposite each other. A standard double-six set of dominoes (blanks through sixes, 28 dominoes) is used. Determine who will be score keeper.

Determine First Shaker: Dominoes are placed face down on the table and shaken (shuffled) by any player. Each player draws one domino; the player drawing the domino with the highest total quantity of pips (dots) on both sides (a 6-3 is considered a 9) will be the first shaker. In the event of a tie, those players will repeat drawing until there is a single winner.



  • All dominoes must be stacked in a 4/3 format each hand (4 in the back, 3 in the front) by each player
  • No re-aligning of your dominoes will be allowed once they are set up in this format and bidding has begun, unless it is your turn to play.
  • No spinning of dominoes will be allowed
  • No talking across the table at any time
  • Dominoes MUST be played in order
  • If a “re-nig” or not following of suit when having the opportunity occurs, the team that makes the infraction will lose that hand and the other team will gain the mark/s.
  • If a team is caught cheating while keeping score, that team will be eliminated



  • Teams should manage their tables. If a team feels that another team is breaking the rules, they need to contact a game official
  • The first infraction will result in a warning
  • All other infractions will result in loss of a mark to the other team
  • These games will no doubt be competitive, but we need all players to adhere to rules at all times. The final decision of any matter will be that of the game officials. If there are any issues that arise, a team may be eliminated from the tournament and forfeit their entry fee.


Play of Game

The game is played as a series of individual hands – each hand resulting in awarding marks to the hand winner – until one team achieves 7 (or more) marks. Each hand consists of seven individual tricks, with each trick involving the play of one domino by each player IN ORDER, with the highest domino winning the trick. A hand is won by either the bid-winning team meeting their bid, or by setting – preventing the bid-winning team from meeting their bid contract.

The order of play for each hand is Shake, Draw, Bid, declare Trump, Play, Score.


Shake. The shaker shakes (shuffles) the dominoes face down on the table to sufficiently randomize their position. The player shaking rotates each hand in a clockwise direction.


Draw. Each player draws 7 dominoes. Texas Friendly Method: Opponents of the dealer draw first, followed by the partner of the dealer; the dealer then claims the remaining seven dominoes.


Bid. The total bid points available in any hand is 42:

  • 1 point for each trick won
  • 5 points for each “five-pointer” won: 5/0, 4/1, 3/2
  • 10 points for each “ten-pointer” won: 5/5, 6/4


Bidding Rules:

  • Bidding begins with the player to the left of the Shaker and proceeds clockwise ending with the Shaker
  • Each player may bid only once, in order
  • Highest bidder wins the bid (and declares trump)
  • Each player may either pass (not bid) or bid
  • If all players pass, the Shaker must bid at least the minimum bid (aka forced bid)
  • The minimum bid is 30 bid points
  • When bidding reaches 42 (aka; one mark), only marks may be bid
  • Any player may bid up to 2 marks when 2 marks has not already been bid; subsequent bids may only be one additional mark
  • IF 2 MARKS (84) IS BID: All players will “stack” the dominoes in the center of the table as played. In a 4 domino format, with only 2 base rows, etc. Once a domino is played, it cannot again be touched by ANY player on the table. There will be NO un-stacking to look at previously played dominoes. An infraction in this rule will result in the other team gaining the 2 marks.
  • Mark bids require capturing (taking) all 7 tricks


Note: Once a bid is announced, that player’s opportunity to bid has passed and bidding continues with the next player, ending with the Shaker. Should a player bid out of order, the opposing team may choose to continue playing the hand or have the hand shaken again (by the same Shaker). If continuing, the player may not change their bid when it’s their turn to bid, and if their bid is no longer available they must pass.


Trumps. The trump suit is declared by the winning bidder prior to playing the first domino. Valid suits are: blanks, ones (aces), twos (deuces), threes (treys), fours, fives, sixes, doubles, or no-trump (aka; follow-me). Trumps are a super-suit that win over other suits when played per rules below. If a trump suit is not declared before playing the first domino, the suit led in the first trick shall determine Trump.


Play. The winning bidder leads the first trick, followed in a clockwise manner by each player playing one of their dominoes.

For each trick, dominoes are played per the following rules:

  • Suit Order – for any suit, the win order hierarchy is determined by the highest opposite end played, except for the double which is always highest in its own suit
  • Trumps – any domino matching Trump is in the trump suit and never in any other “matching” suit; Trumps beat all other suits
  • Lead Anything – you may lead any domino in your hand
  • Suit Led – unless trump is led, the higher end of the domino led determines the Suit for the duration of that trick
  • Follow Suit – players must, if possible, play a domino in the suit lead; note: except for doubles, every domino matches 2 suits; dominoes with one side matching trump are always in the trump suit
  • Play Off – if void, play any non-trump domino as a loser
  • Play Trump – if void, play a trump, beating any non-trump played
  • Win Trick – a trick is won by playing the highest domino in the suit lead, or highest trump if trump is played

Stacking. Each team shall keep one “stack” of tricks won, arranged in sets of tricks, laid in the order won, always visible to all players, and not re-arranged during the hand.

The player winning a trick leads the next trick. Play repeats until all seven tricks have been played.

In the interest of expediency, a player may stop the hand for any of the following conditions:

  • the bid-winning team captures the points bid, or
  • the opposing team sets the winning team – captures enough points to prevent the bid-winning team from achieving their bid contract, or
  • the player demonstrates a lay-down

If (for any reason) the hand ends before all tricks are played (e.g., due to a lay-down or set), all dominoes shall be turned face up so that any mistakes or reneges can be identified. Both teams are allowed to check the dominoes of each player at this point.

Score. If the team winning the bid captures enough points to reach their bid, they are awarded the winning mark(s). If their opponents capture enough points to prevent them from reaching their bid, the opponents are awarded the winning mark(s).


Winning the Game

The first team to reach 7 marks, wins. Simple as that.





Entries Due by 10am July 2nd

Contact Jessica Shadix (936) 657-8703 to enter OR e-mail pre-entries to:


Checks made payable to: TVFD

Team Information:

TEAM NAME: ___________________________________

  • Team Member 1: _______________________________________________

                        Contact Number: _____________________________________________

                        Address: ____________________________________________________

                        DOB: _______________________________________________________

  • Team Member 2: ________________________________________________

                        Contact Number: _____________________________________________

                        Address: ____________________________________________________

                        DOB: _______________________________________________________

**NO SUBSTITUTES WILL BE ALLOWED THE DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT AFTER PLAY HAS BEGUN. You are welcome to change the team members until 10am 6/2.



By signing this entry form, I am confirming that I have read, understand and agree to ALL rules attached.

            Team Member 1 Signature _______________________________Date: __________

            Team Member 2 Signature _______________________________Date: __________




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