Timpson Bears Update


Mrs. Metcalf reports there are two very important scholarships that have "opened" this week!  

  • The Austin Bank Scholarship is now available, and must be postmarked by FEBRUARY 28th!  The application is attached, there is a link on the school website and there are extra copies in my office.  Be sure to have your scholarship essay and three character reference letters prepared for this application and many others.
  • The National FFA Scholarship application opened November 1st, and is due January 15th.  Ms. Hooper has expressed that she is very happy to help you and we will meet with senior FFA members during 2nd breakfast on Tuesday, November 19th to help create your login for the application.  The link to the scholarship is on the school website, and here:  https://www.ffa.org/participate/grants-and-scholarships/scholarships/ 

Seniors, please do NOT wait until the last minute to ask for reference letters or touch-up your scholarship essay!  Thanks.


Cafeteria NewsThe annual Thanksgiving Feast will be next Thursday, November 21st.