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February 28, 2017-Tigers vs San Augustine at Central Heights 7:00 pm (Broadcast on 104.3 FM)

March 2, 2017-Test Training; Texas History Month; HS Track-Groveton Relays

March 4-Texas A&M Judging Clinics

March 7, 2017-JH Track-Garrison Relays; Baseball in Mt. Enterprise 6:30 pm; TELPAS Gr 9-12

March 8, 2017-TELPAS Gr 6-9

March 9, 2017-HS Track-Garrison Relays; TELPAS Gr 5

March 10, 2017-Early Release

March 13, 2017- Spring Break Begins

March 14, 2017-Baseball vs Woden Home Game 6:30 pm

March 15, 2017-Houston Livestock Show-Poultry

March 17, 2017-Baseball vs Martinsville Home Game 4:30 pm

March 20, 2017-Classes resume; Wildcat JH Relays in Mt. Enterprise; Houston Livestock-Wool Judging

March 21,2017-Baseball in Gary 6:30 pm; TELPAS Gr 4; Houston Livestock-Vet Tech


To All Concerned with the Safety of our Children,


  1. At approximately 8:10 AM on February 28, 2017 one of the Tenaha ISD Administrators received a call from a male in a disguised voice that there was “a bomb in your school”. Immediately thereafter, the TISD administrative team and TISD Police Chief David Jeter took action to evacuate the students and staff to the Tiger Football Field as prescribed in our Crisis Management Plan. The evacuation was announced door to door and silently. It was orderly. There was zero panic or upset with any of the children. And, in all, the entire district was safely relocated within four to five minutes of receiving the call. At that time, TISD admin and support staff along with Mr. Jeter and the Tenaha City Marshall took care to inspect every room, stall, and space in the entire TISD campus to ensure that no device was present or that anything looked suspicious. In all, TISD was evacuated for approximately forty minutes and the all clear was given at around AM.

This incident is the second such incident that TISD has responded to this school year. The first resulted in an arrest and prosecution. It is my hope that this will result in the same end. However, a larger issue exists and is problematic. Our current society has become so desensitized to “real-life” that incidents like this are all too often shrugged off as “no big deal” or just “a goof”. People seemingly lack care for the safety and well-being of other people. I am incensed that somewhere someone thought making such a threat was in any way “cool”. I can assure you that with the help of law enforcement, I hope to show the culprit how “cool” it really was. In America, our public schools represent a bastion of safety and nurture. To be exposed to the type of threats that are common to the Middle East or a 3rd World Nation is wrong. Our children deserve better.

To our public and supporters we want you to know that safety is and always will be our FIRST priority. Everything else is impossible without it.

To our detractors and the culprits who would perpetrate such an act, know that the resolve of the Tiger Family is stronger than a phone call.

To our students and staff, as always, it is your care and commitment to one another that creates our Pride. And it is our Pride that makes us the best.


It is my sincere hope that those who read this take a moment to consider what our kids deserve. At the very least, they deserve a reasonable assurance that their safety matters to people everywhere.



Scott Tyner, Superintendent


Tigers Fan!!

1st track meet in the books and your Lady Tigers and Tigers did great.

8th boys 2nd in the 4x1
2nd in the 4x2

And in the man’s race 1st place.

Jordan Marshall got 2nd in the long jump

Dylan Calloway 2nd in the 400

7th boys Relays got 5th in all 3 relays completing against 8th graders.

8th Girls.

Kamari Gray got 2nd in the 100 Hurdles and 4th in the 300 hurdles

My 7th girls got 4th in the 4x1 and 4x2 and 5th in the 4x4 running against 8th graders.

Addy Duncan got 6th in shot put.

The future of Tenaha Track is very bright. They gave everything.

The HS Track team will get underway as they travel to Groveton Thursday.

See everyone tomorrow in Central Heights as we cheer in the Tigers as they take on San Augustine in the Regional Quarterfinals @ 7:30

Go Tigers and Lady Tigers!!










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