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Mt. Enterprise ISD Harvest Festival


Mt. Enterprise ISD hosted its annual Harvest Festival on Tues. Oct. 29. Each year, students, teachers, faculty, and community members come together to play fun games, win prizes, and eat sweet treats, all while supporting different school organizations and the student body. 

This year the family friendly event had fan favorites like the cheerleader’s cake walk, Yearbook’s cookie and cupcake decorating booth, and NHS’s ring toss. 

“It was messy, but the children had a blast,” Junior Kayleigh Graham said following her shift at the yearbook cupcake and cookie decorating booth. 

NHS booth worker, Senior Collin Reeves quoted, “It was a really cool experience to see all the younger kids have fun.” 

There were a couple of new fun twists like the junior class’s Operating Table where participants stuck their hand inside the stomach area of a mannequin, representing a pretend person, to feel its “insides”. 

 “Overall I think it was a success. I honestly didn’t think we were going to do as well as we did. We definitely scared tons of kids which was a success,” said Junior Jacob Phillips. 


Photos by: Anna Carreon

Photo 1: STEP INTO THE OPERATING ROOM: Junior Racheal O’Hara stands outside “The Operating Table booth” waiting on the next participant to take a stab feeling the insides of the mannequin. 

Photo 2: CLOWNING AROUND: Sophomore Evelyn Boles dresses like a clown and smiles brightly for a picture at the annual harvest festival. 

Photo 3:  ICE ICE BABY: McKenna Cole dresses as an ice princess, blasting us away with her bright smile.