Sheriff Lake's Weekly Report: 1/17/2020 - 1/23/2020

FRIDAY, 1/17/20


SATURDAY, 1/18/20        


Deputy Travis Curry took a report of terroristic threat. Complainant stated that she and her husband have been split up for a couple of days and he is angry about it. Complainant advised that her husband contacted her and threatened to  come to  the  residence  and harm her and her mother. Complainant stated that she is afraid to  stay at the residence now due to the t hreat s. This case is being investigat ed.


SUNDAY 1/19/20



MONDAY, 1/20/20       


Deputy Joshua Nagle was dispatched to a residence on CR 445 in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival Deputy Nagle met with the complainant who stated that her ex-husband had been upset and "growling" at her and other family members. Complainant advised that during the argument her ex-husband entered the bedroom and retrieved a rifle and stated he was going to hurt someone.

Complainant advised that she was able to get the subject to put the rifle away at which time, the subject's father was able to safely lock the firearm away. Deputy Nagle made contact with the subject and placed him under arrest for terroristic threat of family/household and transported him to the Panola County Detention Center.


Deputy Richard Mojica received information about an incident that occurred involving a subject selling a fraudulent IPhone. The victim advised that she had been scammed out of $700 by a male subject who sold her a phone that she later determined to be a 11clone". A short time later, Deputy Mojica was notified that the possible suspect was at a store att empting to sell another phone. Deputy Mojica was able to locate the suspect and make contact. While investigating the incident, Deputy Mojica compared two phones, one from the victim and one taken from the suspect. Deputy Mojica believed both the phones to be counterfeit due to them having the same serial numbers. Deputy Mojica then began conducting a search of the suspect's vehicle. While searching, Deputy Mojica located a Texas Driver's license with the suspects photo. A record check of the license through dispatch showed the number to come back to a different individual. Deputy Mojica also located two social security cards with the suspect's name on them, but different numbers. A large amount of cash was also located inside the vehicle. The suspect was placed under arrest for three counts of Forgery of a Government record for the driver's license and social security cards. The investigation of the counterfeit cell phones and the US Currency is still ongoing. The suspect was transported to the Panola County Detention Center.


TUESDAY, 1/21/20       


Deputy Calahan Malone responded to FM 2517 to assist Department of Public Safety Trooper Brandon Norman on a possible one vehicle accident. Trooper Norman advised units that the passenger of the vehicle was being uncooperative and aggressive. Upon arrival Deputy Malone made contact with the passenger who was attempting to exit the vehicle. Deputy Malone observed the subject to be agitated and detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath. The suspect exited the vehicle and it was decided at this time that he would be placed under arrest for public intoxication due to him being a danger to himself and ot hers. While trying to effect the arrest of the subject, he continued to be non-compliant by pulling away from deputies as well as pushing his feet against the door preventing deputies from securing him inside the patrol unit. After successfully securing the suspect, he was transported to the Panola County Detention Center and booked for public intoxication and resisting arrest .


While on patrol, Deputy Richard Mojica initiated a stop on a vehicle for expired registration. Deputy Mojica approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver and two passengers. Deputy Mojica was advised by all occupants that none of them possessed any form of identification. After running the subjects through dispatch using their names and dates of birth it was discovered that one passenger had an active warrant and the other passenger had given false identifying information. While searching the subject for any contraband, Deputy Mojica located a used syringe inside a black fanny pack that the subject was wearing. The subject was placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia and fail to identify giving false/fictitious information. The other passenger was also placed under arrest for the active warrant. Both subjects were transported to the Panola County Detention Center.



Deputy Travis Wilson was dispatched to a residence on FM 999 in reference to a UUV. Upon arrival Deputy Wilson met with the complainant who stated that some unknown actor{s) came onto her property and stole a 2009 Harley Davidson CVO. The motorcycle was entered into NCIC/TCIC as stolen.



WEDNESDAY, 1/22/20       


Deputy Phillip Grimes responded to three separate residences on CR 288 in reference to burglary of a vehicle. Deputy Grimes made contact with all three complainants who stated that some unknown actor{s) entered their vehicles through unlocked doors and stole several items. Among the items stolen were a 9mm handgun, a necklace, a wallet and $40.00 in cash. This case is being investigat ed.



THURSDAY 1/23/20