PANOLA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - 3/6/2020 - 3/11/2020

FRIDAY, 3/6/20                  


Deputy Joshua Nagle spoke with a female complainant who stated that a male subject who she had a past relationship with has been sending numerous text messages with intimate pictures of her to other people. Deputy Nagle spoke with a witness who advised that he had received several pictures of the complainant from the male suspect. Complainant stated that she wishes to pursue charges against the subject for distributing private pictures of her.  Information has been forwarded to the DA's office.


SATURDAY, 3/7/20                       


Deputy Calahan Malone responded to CR 110 in reference to a report of criminal mischief. Upon arrival Deputy Malone met with the complainant who stated that some unknown actor(s) had run into the ditch line with their vehicle and struck her mailbox, knocking it over and causing damage. Deputy Malone observed tire marks in the ditch line and also a windshield wiper blade that was laying in the roadway. This case is being investigated.



While on patrol, Deputy Jared Bailey and Deputy Randy Payne observed a suspicious vehicle parked outside of a closed business. Deputies approached the vehicle and made contact with the female driver and male passenger.  While speaking with the subject’s, deputies detected a strong odor of what they believed to be marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Deputies then conducted a search of the vehicle and located a glass jar that contained a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. The male subject advised deputies that the marijuana belonged to him. The male subject was then placed under arrest and transported to the Panola County Detention Center.



Deputy Robert Duncan responded to a call of criminal mischief. Upon arrival Deputy Duncan noticed that several windows were broken out on the sides of the building. Deputy Duncan also observed that unknown actor(s) attempted to knock the glass out of the front door with a rock. Complainant stated that she couldn't find anything missing from the building. The area was posted for extra patrol.



Deputy Calahan Malone took a report of a vehicle burglary that occurred on CR 248. Complainant stated that unknown actors gained entry through an unlocked door to his son's vehicle. Complainant advised that the actor(s) then stole his son's black under armor backpack containing his baseball uniform as well as a white Chrome Book laptop that belongs to the school. The laptop has been entered into NCIC/TCIC as stolen and this case is under investigation.




SUNDAY, 3/8/20                


Deputy Robert Duncan took a report of criminal mischief that occurred on CR 432. Complainant stated that someone shot his mailbox between sometime during the night. Complainant advised that he heard several shots and several of the shotgun pellets landed on his metal roof. Photos were taken of the mailbox.



Deputy Robert Duncan responded to CR 440 in reference to a report of deadly conduct. Upon arrival Deputy Duncan spoke with the complainant who stated that some unknown actor(s) drove by his residence and fired a shotgun striking his son's bedroom window.  Complainant advised that the shotgun pellets broke out both the inside and outside windowpanes. Complainant stated he saw several empty shell casings down the road. Deputy Duncan drove down the road and recovered an empty Winchester 12-gauge box. The box was recovered for possible fingerprints.



MONDAY, 3/9/20               


Deputy Jeff Martin responded to CR 3064 regarding a theft that had already occurred. Upon arrival, Deputy Martin met with the complainant who stated unknown actors entered the tower site and removed copper electric lines. Complainant advised that he came to check the site after he received an alarm alert stating a power failure. Complainant stated that both gates were locked when he arrived.  Complainant valued the damages at $10,000. This case is being investigated.



Deputy Phillip Grimes responded to a residence on Hwy 79 N. in reference to a burglary that had already occurred. Upon arrival Deputy Grimes met with the complainant who stated that unknown actor(s) pried the back wall of his storage building open with a pry bar. Complainant advised that once inside, the actor(s) stole a security system with two cameras and a gas chain saw. Complainant advised that he saw his chainsaw posted on Facebook for sale the following day. Information has been forwarded to the DA's office.



TUESDAY, 3/10/20


Deputy Phillip Grimes took a report of theft that occurred on CR 224. Complainant stated that some unknown actor(s) came onto the well site and stole a 12-volt battery. This case is being investigated.



WEDNESDAY, 3/11/20     


Deputy Shakami Manning took a report of identity theft.  Complainant stated that when applying for a loan, he was informed that someone in Longview was using his personal information.

Complainant was advised to contact the credit bureaus and request a password be put on his social security number.