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Growing up in deep East Texas during the late 1940s did not allow me to
learn much about the sport of golf, or “cow pasture pool” as it was known
around these parts. There were no golf courses around the area and no one
in my immediate family played golf, so the game was foreign to me until the
year 1950. I met a man who introduced me to golf clubs and balls. He was
a well-dressed gentleman who owned an insurance agency in town. His
name was Bill Polley.


E. C. “Coy” Campbell was born April 27, 1913, in the far east Texas town of Center that serves as the
county seat of Shelby. His parents Annie Fleming and Francis Marion “Frank” Campbell were married in
Shelby County June 30, 1909. They had two other sons Curtis (1910) and James (1915) before Annie’s
untimely death in 1918 at the age of 21. She was buried in the Strong Cemetery, Shelby County. Two

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Jack Lout

Jack Lout, 82 of Center, passed away Thursday, May 6 in Tyler after a brief illness. He was born in Shelbyville on
September 19, 1938, to J.P. and Bertha Lout. He served in the US National Guard.
As a young man, Jack met the love of his life, Miss Martha Nell Shadowens and they married in 1960. They were
inseparable for almost 60 wonderful years until she passed away in 2020.

Things to Consider

Greetings to all with the hope that we all can give thanks to God for something in our lives. Today I want
to call attention to a subject seldom heard of from the pulpits of the modern-day church. That subject is
Satan a preacher friend once admitted that he reframed from using his name because he didn't want to
give Satan ant undue recognition. First of all, concerning Satan Jesus gave us insight as to how to deal with