Mt. Enterprise H.S. Theater Arts Class performs West Side Story

The Mt. Enterprise High School Theater Arts class presented their annual musical to the community just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  This year’s show was Authur Laurent’s West Side Story.  Senior Sarah Owens took the lead female role as Maria, and Sophomore Tanner Fitzgerald held the lead male role of Tony. The musical was directed by Band Director Jeff Bellgardt, Theatre Arts Instructor Kim Fryman, and Maintenance Director John Fryman.

“We felt compelled to share this classic and moving story with our students and our community this year,” said the Directors. “We feel that there has been such marked division in our nation, that this story is particularly relevant.  We follow these iconic characters, driven by their prejudice, as they confront the challenge presented by love between members of their rival racial groups. The power of their loves transcends racial and cultural barriers as love so often does.  The playwright teaches both a beautiful and tragic lesson as he leaves us with a powerful message about the dangers of division, prejudice, and hatred.  It is our prayer that our nation can focus more on what unites us in the human experience as opposed to what divides us. We hoped that the young actors and our audience left the performance with a renewed focus on loving and respecting one another.”

Additional cast members included Caleb Whitmire, Robyn McCauley, Chance Lewis, Jaedon Lewis, Mikayla Whitlow, Tayton Williams, Alyssa Oliver, Faith Gatlin, Samantha Denby, Morgan Barry, Maria Mejia, Kaylee Cox, Collin Reeves, William Gatlin, Jacob Denby, Jacob Phillips, Ryan McCauley, Forrest Gage, Tristan Strawn, Heather Woods, Callie Holliman, Dedrick Jackson, and Christian Griffith.  Crew members included Catalina Zoyoquila, Jaelin Linville, Kademon Cotton, Jake Lee, Rachel O’Hara, Nicholas Theisen, Tabita Perez, Edelyn Moreno, Chailey Norton, and Ashley Norton.