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Panola County Sheriff's Quarterly Report

It is hard to believe that half the year is already by us and summer has arrived. We have been 
blessed so far this year with much needed rainfall to recover from the past years of drought 
conditions. I know many, including myself, have been guilty of complaining about all of the rain, 
but really we are blessed to get it. We have become a nation of spoiled rotten people who 
complain when it’s too dry, complain when it’s too wet, complain when it’s too hot, and 
complain when it’s too cold. We should take time to enjoy the many blessing the Lord sends our 
way, and spend more time of thanksgiving for what we have, than time complaining about what 
we don’t have.  Life is too short to spend it disgruntled and complaining.
I have also been reminded recently in a revival service that we many times make things more 
complex than they have to be. Like the old saying, we can’t see the forest for the trees! The 
evangelist told a funny story about the Lone Ranger and Tonto to lead into his sermon on this 
topic. As the Lone Ranger and Tonto were resting under the stars one night, Tonto asked the 
Lone Ranger if he knew what the beautiful brilliant stars meant. The Lone Ranger went into a 
long, drawn-out story on how the stars were of great use for guidance and direction when 
traveling abroad by land or by sea, he elaborated on how the stars were the handiwork of God 
strewn throughout the galaxy with great precision, he told of the meteorological significance of 
the stars and the solar system. After many other examples and meanings of the stars above, the 
Lone Ranger asked Tonto what he thought the stars meant. Tonto answered, “Seeing stars means 
someone stole tent!” We need to take time to smell the roses, but don’t get caught up in 
complexity of the biological and scientific make-up of the rose. Enjoy life and give God the 
praise for all things.
As summer comes on quickly, water sports will be in full force. It is great fun to get out on the 
area lakes and rivers, but let’s not forget to use some good judgement in being safe while having 
fun. Make sure and have your watercraft made water ready after being stored all winter. Ensure 
everything is in proper working order before hitting the water. Check all safety equipment like 
life jackets, fire extinguishers, safety flares, horns and whistles. We take these items for granted, 
but year after year of use, these things become worn and need replacing. Frayed life jackets need 
to be discarded and replaced with new dependable ones. Expired fire extinguishers need to be 
checked and re-charged. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when 
dealing with things that could save a life. 
I pray that everyone will have a fun and safe summer with your family. Cherish your time 
together, and be safe doing it. As July rolls around, we will celebrate the independence of our 
country.  Always take time to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and 
those who continue to serve to protect that freedom. Until next time, take care and may God 
bless us all!
Sheriff Kevin Lake

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