Minutes of Joaquin ISD Special School Board Meeting

That was held on May 13, 2019

Minutes of Special School Board Meeting

May 13, 2019


The Joaquin ISD School Board met in special session at noon in the Joaquin Boardroom with the following members present: Brandon Neal and Thomas Harvey

            Members absent: Ronnie Belrose, Tam Hearnsberger, Bill Mason, Jr., Jeff Cater, Chrisco Bragg,

Guest(s) Present: Lorelei Mathews

School Employee(s) Present:  Phil Worsham, Superintendent


1. Phil Worsham, Presiding Officer called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon.


2. Phil Worsham, Presiding Officer called for the canvassing of the Board election held on May 4, 2019.  

(Election Code 67.003, 67004(a), Board Policy BBB (Legal))


            Mrs. Lorelei, Joaquin ISD Election Judge, was asked to conduct the canvassing of the votes from the May 4th school board election.  She gave the following report.

                                                                          Early               Joaquin           Huxley               Total

            Jeff Cater received                               37                    87                   33                    157

            Jeff Hamilton received                        46                    104                  19                    169

            Kelly Brooks received                         11                    38                   4                      53


The top two were:

Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Cater

They shall serve three-year term expiring in May of 2022.

Total votes cast:

                        Early (includes mail & provisional)     52

                        Joaquin                                                127
                        Huxley                                                  36

                        Total                                                    215                 


Total registered voters in Joaquin ISD                                    2,336

This equals to a little over………………………………9% voter turnout


Motion by Thomas Harvey, and seconded by Brandon Neal, to accept the report presented by Mrs. Lorelei Mathews, Election Judge on canvassed votes and declare the results to be official.  Following discussion, a vote was taken on the motion.  It carried unanimously.

Swearing in of new board members will be conducted prior to the June 17th board meeting.

3. With no further business on the agenda the meeting was adjourn.