Texas Drilling Permits

The Railroad Commission of Texas (Commission) issued a total of 510 original drilling permits in January 2016 compared to 1,102 in January 2015. The January total included 425 permits to drill new oil or gas wells, five to re-enter plugged well bores and 80 for re-completions of existing well bores. The breakdown of well types for those permits issued January 2016 included 141 oil, 41 gas, 282 oil or gas, 35 injection, two service and nine other permits.

Princess Ball Contest

To all the little princesses in Timpson that are of the age 8 up to 13 that would like to win a chance to attend the Princess Ball in Center, TX that is be held on February 27th in the “Royal Palace” also known as the John Windham Civic Center; Please read this announcement:


A contest is being held and these are the rules: