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Landmark Baptist Church Life Center, October 31, 2015



The school was opened in 1896 until 1966.  Although in the beginning it was designed for  grades 1 through 11, it eventually was condensed to grades 1-8 with the remaining grades transferring to Mt. Enterprise High School.  This school was located between Caledonia and Mt Enterprise at a small community called Concord.  Back in 1896 it was a growing community and hosted several factories, community stores and churches.    The school closed in 1966 and was eventually dismantled in 1977.  In 2001, the Concord Alumni, was officially formed and the first committee was organized which consisted of the late, Cecile Boles Threadgill, Yvonne Boles Cobb, John Reagan and Gladys Fancher. They created a Concord School Marker Fund and solicited donations from friends and ex-students making it possible to purchase and erect a beautiful monument dedicated to the  memory of our beloved Concord School recognizing the teachers who were employed by the school during time frame.  Finally, the teachers who gave of themselves so unselfishly, received some much deserved recognition.  Teachers during that era were given very little for supplies but they did their best to provide all of us with a good education.  According to old news paper articles on file, students from Concord probably had a better education than many of the children today attending public schools.  Many men and women today are indebted to those same ladies and gentlemen who gave so much and earned so little, including the bus drivers and the cooks.  What a legacy!  The memories made at this school will forever be imprinted on the brains of many in a positive way and hopefully, they have been able to pass something on to other generations just a few of the standards they were taught while receiving an education in this small, unique, country setting.

 The beautiful marker was set in place during the year of 2005 on the playground of the old Concord School Site.  Since the setting of that marker, there have been many hands that helped with the planning of the reunions  and lots of folks stepping up to the plate to answer the call  of the celebration of this seventy-year time-span of the Concord School that touched so many lives.  Leon Hudman has served as chairman of that committee since 2007 and was, assisted by Virginia, “Ginger Pass”, Bonnett.  John and Gladys Fancher along with Yvonne Cobb, Jimmy Nix, Harvey Hudman, and  Cecile Boles Threadgill.  Many of the  ex students have been there to provide the support needed when we asked.  The ladies have brought desserts, and the men have hauled tables and chairs to and from the Concord Baptist Church next door.  They were always helpful allowing the use of anything in their building if it was needed.  A Big Thanks to  Jimmy Nix, Brenda Nix Harris, and her friend Sally Courtney  and others who provided entertainment for the reunion Saturday.   In the past,Mr. James Lee was always available with the key to the election building and was ready to assist when he was able.  Robert Sears was always ready to sing and  Freddie Swann, Commissioner in Rusk County for many years  and his county helpers have always kept the grass mowed so nicely.  Last but not least, was the “Jack Threadgill family” from Henderson.  Each time a reunion was held,  they erected and dismantled an awning at their expense, for our comfort in honor of Mrs. Cecile Threadgill’s late husband, Travis “PeeWee” Threadgill.  What a joy for everyone to meet and re-connect with such friends from the past and other great folks who contributed so generously.  However, in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”  This has been our season.  From 2003 until 2015 the Concord Alumni members rejoiced, reconnected, and enjoyed a time of celebration each year as they did on Saturday, Oct 31st.  The committee extends appreciation to all for  coming and for the fellowship, the wonderful memories, the friendships, the food, and gifts you gave  so graciously to every reunion.  Thanks also for the generous contributions which provided for the cost of stamps to mail-out the newsletters, the invitations and the much needed paper-goods. A great BIG “Thank You” goes to the Landmark Baptist Church, in Mt.Enterprise TX,  for allowing the Concord Alumni to use their wonderful facility to  celebrate this last reunion and enjoy a special time together.  It takes volunteers to make great things happen.   In light of that fact, the committee sincerely gave Gladys Fancher, a very special lady a BIG “thanks” along with several others from her church and  many of her friends who decorated and helped cook for this occasion.  What would organizations do without fine Christian folks that love the Lord and love people?  We sincerely hope it was  as much fun for all of you as it was for the committee.  You made it happen and we say “Thanks for the Memories”!


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