In the Good 'Ol Days by Scotty Rhodes

Over 50 years ago or so, the Attoyac River Bridge was a major gathering place for rivals. This was before the highway got so busy! The actors were the growling Garrison Bulldogs and the grizzly Timpson Bears. Throwing eggs or rocks at each other were a must. If you were lucky, a good fight might go down. Just saying, in the good ole days!!

Message from Mike & Nita at Rio Theatre in Center

As most of you know by now, beginning tomorrow night at midnight we will no longer be allowed to open. We will be open Friday March 20th only for Bloodshot.  After that we will be closed until further notice from our government as to when it is safe to open back up again. We are sad to have to close but we are concerned as is everyone else about the spread of Covid 19.