GARRISON - 3-year-old killed in tragic accident

On Saturday evening shortly after 4 pm, deputies with the Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office responded to a call of a child being run over in the Garrison area. Dispatch was notified by family members on scene that a child had been ran over on private property. The parents of the child immediately placed the child in a private vehicle and headed to the hospital for medical treatment.

A short time later a deputy located the vehicle on highway 59 and the vehicle pulled to the side of the roadway. A female exited the vehicle with a child in her arms. The deputy could not feel a pulse on the child and immediately started CPR. The deputy conducted CPR on the child for 9 minutes on the side of the roadway until EMS arrived. EMS continued CPR and transported the child to Nacogdoches medical center where the child was later pronounced deceased.

The victim has been identified as Romeo Tejeda Castro who would have turned 4 years old in May of this year.

Investigators have learned that a family gathering was occurring at a residence located just off highway 59 in the city of Garrison. Several kids and parents were at the residence and were about to start an Easter egg hunt. A family member left the residence in a SUV to go to the store to gather more supplies. When the car was cranked, the child was not seen and was near the right front tire when the vehicle began to turn around in the driveway. The child was drug about 60 feet down the driveway.

This was a tragic accident that will forever impact our community. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family during this time.

The Garrison Police Department and the Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office are conducting an ongoing investigation into the accident.