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CITY OF GARRISON: Now Hiring for a position in Public Works

The City of Garrison is hiring for a position in Public Works. Duties include the general installation,
maintenance and repair of natural gas, water, and sewer system operations. May be tasked with the
daily maintenance or repairs to gas, water, and wastewater treatment facilities, lift stations, pump
stations and provides support to the public and assigned City departments and divisions.
Essential Job Functions:
• Assist in the installation, maintenance and repair of the gas, water and wastewater utilities including
main lines, service lines, valves, hydrants, and treatment and/or pumping facilities.
• Check meters, gauges, pumps, and control panels to verify correct operation of equipment and
records information.
• Operate, maintain, and repair pumps, control panels, and chlorinators.
• Monitor operation of heavy equipment to prevent damage to other utility lines while digging.
• Answer emergency calls from the public and other agencies; taking appropriate action including:
jetting sewer main blockages, sewer main repairs, gas leak investigation/repairs and repairs to the water
• Organize tools, equipment and supplies necessary to complete assignments. Inspect, clean, and
maintain equipment and tools in safe operating order.
• Perform routine inspections of assigned areas to detect any necessary repairs or hazardous conditions.
• Maintain and observe safety regulations including wearing appropriate clothing, erecting proper
barricades and signage, using proper equipment personal protective equipment (PPE).
• Required to work on-call, evenings and/or weekends.
• Travel to attend meetings and training as required.
• Operate and maintain city equipment, e.g. backhoe, sewer jet machine, etc.
• Acquire and/or maintain water/wastewater license(s) and natural gas operator qualification (if
• Salary ranges $12 - $15 per hour (Depending on experience/certification)

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