Break the walls down

Break the Walls Down

     This week, we're talking about walls.  We build them for protection, and they make us feel safe and secure.  The bigger and stronger they are, the better they can keep the enemies away.  Even the walls that surround you now protect you.  The walls in your home keep insects, the wind, rain, and debris from entering your house.  When we think of walls, we think safety.  That is why we compare walls and places of refuge to God.

I'm Just Sayin

This is the time of the year we all begin to think back on things that remind us of the holidays. We remember old friends, old times, and holidays past.  For some, the holidays bring about depression and sadness.  We have a choice of how we feel.

Loving and Liking


 “Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Deuteronomy 10:19 

“These things I command you, that ye love one another.”  John 15:17


To live and dy in sin

     This week I would like to talk to you about living and dying in sin.  Even after we accept Jesus Christ, many of us tend to look back at our old sinful life.  Before Christ, maybe our finances were in order, and we could afford the extras in life.  We look past the fact that we have God in our lives now and our eternity is intact.  We are going to compare the Exodus story to our lives and the struggle we have with sin.

Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

  When we read the story of Jonah, we read of a prophet that runs from God at first and then goes to the city of Nineveh to warn them.  It's about Jonah, but how much thought have you given to Nineveh?  Does it remind you of anything or anyone?  This week, I want to talk to you about love and hate.  Loving the sinner, while hating the sin.