Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

  When we read the story of Jonah, we read of a prophet that runs from God at first and then goes to the city of Nineveh to warn them.  It's about Jonah, but how much thought have you given to Nineveh?  Does it remind you of anything or anyone?  This week, I want to talk to you about love and hate.  Loving the sinner, while hating the sin.  

Ramah News 11/12/2015

  The rain was nice but the sunshine was most welcome  Our attendance was down a little on Sunday morning. We had several members out of town. We missed Lance and Barbara Horton. Amy and the grandkids were in South Carolina for a few days.

Woodland Christian Church by Brother Roy Platt

I think Jesus kinda has a handle on a lot of stuff.  Well, all of it actually.  Just name it and He has it under control….or at the very is all heading in His direction that He “predestined” long ago.  Take the scripture thoughts of “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills” (which means He owns everything while we are just borrowing it from Him for a while).  He knows “the very number of hairs on your head” and He knows “when a sparrow falls to the ground.”  He knows it all.