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Ramah Baptist News

By Pat Bowden
 Summer is about over and Fall is upon us. This year has gone by so fast, only four more months until Christmas. Imagine that!! Seems like the older you get the faster it goes.
   We were saddened by one of our members this past week. Dan Wagstaff was put to rest Saturday. His funeral was held at Ramah by Bro Keith and Bro James Hall. I've been knowing Dan and his family a long time. You can't find better people than the Wagstaff family.
   Our birthday person this week was Braylee Strahan. I hear, she turn five this year. And our anniversary couples were: Harry & Marie Perry and Robert & Judy Agnew.
   We added this people to our prayer list: Debbie Blackshear, Dan Wagstaff Family, Glen Prince, Gerald Goings Family and Jodi Pena. We have some in our church that need special prayer, they are Ann Lampley and Marie Perry and Robert Agnew. Also Jodi Pena, she emergency surgery yesterday(Sun) they took her appendix ou
Please remember these people when you pray.
   Bro Keith took his message Sunday morning from John 10:9. "I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture." He don't give us all our wants but he will supply our needs. What we have God only trusted us with and it all belongs to him anyway. If we're his sheep, we will hear and obey his voice. We will love and trust him. Verse 27 & 28 says, "My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me: and I give them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand."
   August is the end of our year for our Sunday School agenda. Bro Bill Black, our Sunday School Superintendent and Bro Keith recognized the years attendance. There were several who had only missed five or less Sundays (didn't get all their names) there were quite a few. And the ones who hadn't missed a Sunday in a year were: Lich Pilkington, Red Odom, Ronnie Kellar and myself. We got pins and cards with our names on it. Which I'm proud of mine. Attending church is not a chore for me. That's what God made Sundays for, and to rest of course. I'm like the little rabbit and the brier patch, I was born and raised in church, being my Daddy was a preacher.
   Our youth leader announced that they would be starting the new youth program this Wednesday night, September the 2nd. We invite anyone who is interested to come join them.
   We had our 5th Sunday night singing this week. I think it was the best ever. We had a crowd for the singing and the fellowship. The people using there talents were: Wesley Fox, Shelly Swint and daughter Brandy Eubank, Shelly sang a song by herself, Haley Monroe, Katie Kellar, Crystal (sorry didn't get her last name), and Mark Haltom did an instrumental, Judith Adams sang a song without music and did a fine job We were glad to have Chad Christian with us, he sang two sons and played the piano with one of them. He has a great voice. Amanda Fox sang a solo, then she sang with Shelly, Brandy and Shelby Eubank, and I was told that Harley sang too. I couldn't see her from where I was sitting. We had one of our newer members to sing, Sheila Hughes, who definitely, has a great voice. We had a band director from Tenaha High School, a special guest to sing. Next came Chris Crawford, I wasn't aware he could sing, but did very well, helping him was Wesley Fox. Cord Sheard, also Mark and wife Stephanie sang songs. Last, but certainly not least was Katie Kellar, she did her sign language  to a song. It was all very good. We were all blessed. We have quite a bit of talent here at Ramah. A certain little girl that I was looking forward to hearing sing has gone shy on us. Maybe next time.
   If you're not attending church anywhere, we invite you to Ramah.