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IN GOD’S WORD May 14, 2015

This week our study is the 11th chapter of Genesis and deals with the trials 
and travels of the people of ancient times. 
As people migrated from the east, they found a valley in the land of 
(SHIGH-nahr) Shinar. This is the name used to describe the land that Nimrod had 
settled earlier and included the cities of Babylon, Erech, and Akkad. 
Here they learned to fire-harden clay, making hard bricks for building 
stronger structures. They used these hardened bricks with the (Asphalt) dug from 
pits where it gathered at the surface of the earth to stick the bricks together, much 
like we use mortar today. 
We see here the first attempt at a “world-state” by the sinful men of that day. 
Their intention was to make themselves powerful by building a tower into the 
heavens, maybe even trying to show themselves as powerful as God. 
God knows that “as one people” using one language that nothing will be 
impossible for them to accomplish, that they can accomplish anything they can 
God then says; “let US go down there and confound their language”, VS 7 
US meaning the Triune God head, and so God went down and confused their 
language, making them speak many different languages and HE scattered them to 
the four corners of the earth, never to be totally united again. 
That is the story of the “Tower of Babal”, a tower that was being built in 
Babylon as a monument to the people’s power. That project was stopped when they 
could not longer communicate within themselves. I believe eventually, if, the 
powerful, sinful men of today began to accomplish such a monument to man’s 
power that God will again confuse the issue and cast them to the four corners of the 
earth as he did with the Babylonians so long ago. 
Ancestry of Abram – Descendant of Shem:
Abram, Nahor, and Haran were three sons of Terah, eight generations 
removed from Shem, son of Noah. 
Terah’s third son, Haran, fathered Lot, and then died early in the city of Ur of 
the Chaldeans, the birthplace all of Terah’s sons. 
Abram and Nahor then married, Abram to Sarai (his half-sister being a 
daughter of Terah by another wife) and Nahor to Milcah (his niece being the 
daughter of their deceased brother, Haran). 
Terah then decided to move his family, including Abram and Nahor and their 
families from Ur to the city of Haran which lay on the river Balikh, a tributary of the 
great river, the Euphrates. This was a major trade center as it lay on a line between 
Babylon and the Mediterranean Sea. The family of Terah lived in Haran then until 
Terah’s death at the age of 205 years. 
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Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s Word…