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My 5 Cents

One hundred and thirty-six years ago this month, the Texas State Fair opened in Dallas. The
iconic predecessor to our present-day State Fair of Texas drew crowds from across the state. A
rival fair, the Dallas exposition, opened around the same time and together they welcomed over
35,000 people. Both fairs were successful and, ultimately, decided to combine efforts in 1887 to
establish the State Fair of Texas as we know it today.


The lowly chicken has provoked a number of interesting questions in the
past, such as: Why did the chicken cross the road, and which came first – the
chicken or the egg? These two questions have been pondered for many
years, and every person must come to their own personal conclusion. I have
decided that the real reason that the chicken crossed the road was because
she wanted to get to the other side. Others have stated that she crossed the