Chapter to Chapter: Moonlight

As I sit here, typing on my Macbook Pro, I try to put into words what I am feeling at a certain time, a specific chapter or subchapter in my life.  After I write, I submit my article, never knowing if even one soul reads it or if 1000 do.  I never know if it provokes a vocal “Amen” or a string of curse words directed at me.

“What do we need?”

For a long time I have used a very important explanation as “community conversation” to encourage the exchange of ideas, opinions and viewpoints.  Such a conversation is essential in our day of varied views and questionable virtues.  There are all kinds of terms referenced in our conversations—democracy, community, socialism, communism, society, fair, fairness, but there isn’t much emphasis on God, Truth, Good or Right.  In such times I have tied my thoughts and feelings to what the Psalmist