"In My Opinion" by Jerry Hopkins

I come to you as merely a “common man.” I have a background—over 360 college
hours (undergraduate and graduate) from twelve institutions of higher education. I’ve taught
at eight different institutions of higher education; authored articles, reviews and columns
appearing in many publications; travelled and spoken in Israel, Germany, Switzerland,
Scotland, England, China and Mexico.

"The Dance" by Neal Murphy

When I was a teenager several of my girl friends tried to teach me to dance.
You know, the various dances typical of the 1950s era. Although I was
musically inclined, I never quite mastered the dance steps, at least not
confident enough to ask a girl to dance at a party.
In college I discovered that I needed a final Physical Education course in
order to graduate. I opted to take “Ballroom Dancing” as my PE course that

Questions from the New Testament

A few weeks ago, we started looking at the question that is found in Acts 9:6, “Lord, what would
you have me do?” In looking at this question we saw that Jesus asked this question of Saul while
Saul was traveling. We saw that God has a perfect, accurate, and detailed plan for each Christian.
We saw that Saul’s conversion did not just happen by chance, but according to God’s plan, God’s
perfect plan.