Joseph, the surrogate father of Jesus, was a quiet man.  While he is a large player in the events of Jesus birth he is not quoted a single time.  But his lack of words is made up for by his noted character.  Matthew records that Joseph was ‘a righteous man.” 

  ‘Righteous’ comes from a greek word meaning  “one who is such as he ought to be.”

U.S. Senate Passes a Welcome Overhaul of Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 85 to 12


This morning the U.S. Senate finally passed a welcome overhaul of the basic federal law on elementary and secondary education by an overwhelming margin of 85 to 12. U.S. Sen John Cornyn of Texas voted for the bill; Sen. Ted Cruz, the state’s other member of the Senate, did not vote on the measure.

"Bah Humbug" (12/10/15)

  “BAH HUMBUG”…it’s my favorite thing to say around this time of year.  I even wear a red shirt that pictures a grumpy elf-like creature that highlights in bold print, ‘BAH HUMBUG.’  Most people are caught off-guard and join in a quick laugh and actually agree that a lot of people are infected with “Happy (?) Holiday” rabies (cue Black Friday jousting).  Others just can’t take a joke (a prim and proper do-gooder for example).  They promptly begin to instruct me on


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