Tis The Season

  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Christmas is upon us, and New Year's Day is within sight.  This is the time of the year that we all reflect on things we are thankful for and make resolutions and start anew.  This week, I want to remind each of you about these things.  It is easy to find things that we are thankful for, such as Christmas bonuses, new vehicles, and the latest and greatest in gadgetry.  It is also easy to make resolutions about losing weight, finding the right


In God's Word

Forgiveness, the prophet Daniel says in (Daniel 9:9) "To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against Him." Daniel tells us that even though we have done wrong and sinned against God, that He still forgives our sins by His great mercy. Praise the Lord that our God is such a loving and forgiving God that even though we do not deserve mercy, He grants it to us.

Pat Bowden Article

  After such a beautiful warm week, we get a rainy Sunday morning. Sometimes I think God is testing us to see if the weather will keep us from attending church. Seems like some, fail the test. I realize some people were sick and other just couldn't make it. I hope the Lord don't decide to come back on a rainy Sunday.


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