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“A Lesson from Spot”

“If any should not work, neither should he eat…”  I Thes. 3:10
Spot, a Painted Bunting that I’ve photographed the past 
three years, has a new family in the sand hills near Center, 
Texas.  Today all three fledglings flew into the grass where 
their parents often feed.  They are fully feathered and except 

Woodland Christian weekly article

Well, here we go… 2016, and already this year is starting out to be out of the ordinary.  Besides being an 
election year with all of the war of words (if not outright hatred) being broadcast we also are having 
epoch flooding in several states while Mr. President will announce his executive action on gun control 

Leap Years

In case you have not noticed, 2016 is a leap year.  Why do we need leap 
years anyway?  The short answer is, “the leap years synchronize the calendar 
year with the solar year”.  However, leap years are far more complicated 
than that simple answer.
The Gregorian calendar, which now serves as the standard calendar for civil 


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