Timpson FBC by Pastor Richard Jones

My life’s journey started on August 1, 1945.  I was born in Longview, TX and graduated high school there in 1963.  I played basketball and baseball all through high school.  When I got a chance to play both sports at E. T. B. U., I leaped at the opportunity.  Little did I know that my life’s journey would take a complete new path.


Factory Reset

     Have you ever had to perform a factory reset on your computer or smartphone?  When you purchase your device, it comes with certain programs or apps that are essential to how it runs.  These apps and programs are called the factory settings.  Once you have the device, you then can add other apps and programs such as music, pictures, games, etc.  Every now and again most people will have problems with their device due to some of the content downloaded.  There may have been a virus download

Ramah Baptist News

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year. No matter how good 2015 was for you, I hope 2016 is much better. Since we didn't have a paper during the holidays, you missed a lot of happenings at Ramah. God was good to us at Ramah last year. We had several join our church and Bro Keith baptized quite a few. Our youth group has grown, thanks to our new youth leader. He has been doing a super job and hope they will continue to grow.


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