In God's Word: Jan. 21, 2016

In God's Word:

Psalm 134 is a learning tool for worship and even though it is short, only 3 verses, it is quite unique.

It is both a doxology (a form of words which ascribe praise to God) and a benediction (an utterance of good wishes or blessings). The doxology or greeting is in verses 1 and 2 and the blessing in verse 3.

While it is addressed to the Levite priests who stood guard by night at the temple, it has relevance to us today as well.

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Thats No Lady

Recently, I noticed a large swarm of what I initially thought were ladybugs in my air conditioner at home.  At first, I thought of how lady luck was paying me a visit.  To my disappointment, I learned that they were not ladybugs at all and that the Asian Lady beetle could actually harm my pets and me.  Honestly, I did not know Asian Lady beetles existed.  Fear of being bitten or the beetles attaching to the roofs of my dogs mouths quickly encouraged me to research the dilemma.  After all, I a

Hey there!

“Are you sure??”  “Of course I’m sure….I think.”  “What do you mean—you think.  You either know or you don’t.  The boss is gonna blow up,” he said disgustingly.  I was sure that I filled the tank.  Why it was spittin’ and sputterin’ was a mystery to me. 

Give Some Credit

This week, I want to remind each of you to think and pray bigger when it comes to God.  We need to stop putting a cap or limit on Him when we ask for things.  We have all done it.  You ask the Lord to "just" get you out of a situation.  God, if you can just get me well enough to go to work today.  Jesus, just get me through this stressful time at work.  Lord, if you can just give me a little rest.  We always ask for just enough.  I am preaching to myself, as always, when I say this.  On vehic

Ramah Baptist News

  It was a beautiful but cold Sunday morning. We had another crowd for church services. Cold weather doesn't keep some folks from being where they need to be on Sunday morning. W e had a few visitors to make up for the regulars that weren't there. Our birthday people this week were: Robert Agnew and Lucas Fox.


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