Assignment: Texas with Russell A. Graves



            For ten years, I’ve been a certified scuba diver.  While I can’t claim that I’ve been to all sorts of exotic, international locales to explore underwater haunts, the activity is intriguing nonetheless and I’ve dove extensively in freshwater locations around the state.

Lead with Love

With everything going on in our society today, God has put this message on my heart.  We have all heard that there are two sides to every story.  Well, there are also two ways to lead people: by force and by example.  You can either lead with force or lead with love.  As Christians, we need to lead with love just as Christ did. 

Ramah Baptist News

   I remember when we were complaining about all the rain, now it's about the heat. I don't know why we can't get a little of each in moderation. God knows he can't please everybody all the time. We'll just take it as he sends it and be thankful.


 Hello everyone, I pray a blessed week for all. Gradually recovering from Frontier Days. Takes a little longer each year, could that be age you think? Well what ever cleaning day comes along on Mondays if we are ready of not.