Hello, and blessing for this week. I pray all are safe with this front that is coming through. Have a son-in-law coming home from West Texas tonight, praying for safe travels for him and anyone else on the road where the weather is happening. Well folks guess what, we are in the holiday season again. Seems like no more than a month ago since the last holiday season. Time travels to fast folks, as we age.


In the early part of 2014 I was researching material for Vietnam Veteran Sergeant William Henry Eaden of Timpson, Texas.  Sergeant Eaden was a career Army Noncommissioned Officer who was killed in action on November 12th, 1965.  I found an internet site called the Vietnam Veterans Memorial “The Wall-USA” where you can post remembrances, thanks and

Chapter to Chapter: Individual Rights

     Our movies sometimes do more than entertain.  Sometimes, they’re the vehicles through which ideas are planted in our collective psyches or are promoted in our culture.  And yes, I know that sounds bad to many of you, and I totally understand your concerns and agree that in most cases it could be brainwashing.  However, some art forms and yes, movies promote good ideas.  Two have been on my mind today, primarily because they deal wi