Ramah News 12/10/15

   Our attendance was down for Sunday School  on Sunday morning, guess they waited for the preaching. The church was pretty full for the morning service. We did have visitors.
We decorated our sanctuary Christmas tree which is pretty easy. Everyone puts an ornament on the tree, so it goes pretty fast.

ROUND MY TABLE (12/10/15)

    Hello to everyone. We have certainly been having some beautiful weather this past week, a little chilly early in the day, but then warms up nicely for the rest of the day. Was looking through my cookbooks this morning and ran across on I did for the Glen Retirement System of Shreveport. It was a stroll down memory lane for the residents and their families. 


The New Testament in the Bible tells us that hymns were sung by Jesus and the disciples. The word “hymn” from the Greek language is “hymnos”, meaning “songs of praise”.  Hymns are different from Psalms according to Ephesians 5:19.  Other than that not much is known about Christian hymns during the first three centuries of the Church.




In 1962 I returned from a 3-year pastorate in Portland, Oregon to become Pastor of The First Baptist Church of Starks, Louisiana. Since the Church and parsonage were located directly across the street from the High School, I was often asked to substitute teach there.  Band Director Bill Green called me one day and asked me to meet with his band students for the last period of that day.