Ramah Baptist Church

 Hope all the Dad’s had a good day on Sunday.We had a great Fathers Day Service’.The folks who prepared it did a great job.We recognized the oldest father, Red Odom, the youngest which is only thirty-two years old. There were two who had at least five children in the service: Bill Black and Eugene Bowden. The Choir consisted of the fathers in the service. Eugene sang a special song, “I’m a Father too.” Our attendance was up from last week.

The Baptist Fox

The night of June 3, 2005 was hot, humid, and dry.  The drought conditions in deep East Texas had continued unabated all year.  Both man and beast were in search of cool air and wet water.


Stop the game

I arrived early at the Shelbyville High School gymnasium on a cold January night in 2001.  The small gym was already packed with people there to watch a basketball game between two rival schools.  I had been assigned to provide security, along with another deputy, for this event.  It seems that San Augustine and Shelbyville had a rather heated rivalry and extra security was needed.


Chapter to Chapter: Say What?

If you are reading this, kudos!-- not just because you're reading my column, but because you’re reading the world's most used language. English is the go-to language for business, politics, science, culture, and much more. Also, if you're reading this, chances are very likely that English was your native tongue.