It was a routine trip performed many times before, but this was different.  It culminated in one of my most embarrassing moments.  As a deputy sheriff, I was assigned to accompany another deputy to pick up a prisoner and bring him back for his trial.  It was a long, tiring trip of about sixteen hours.  We left the sheriff’s office early in the morning in our shiny new patrol car, dressed in our spiffy uniforms, and ready for o

Chapter to Chapter: Reacting to Life

     A few minutes ago, right before I sat down to write this column, I was bringing 
items into my house from my SUV, and as I was walking through my front door, it 
started to shut.  When it did, I walked right into it full-force, all of the impact on my 
upper left arm. I didn’t stop.  I had things to do.  But I distinctly remember thinking