Service to the Lord, are we supposed to serve Him? (Eccl. 12:13-14) Solomon, the wisest man who has ever lived, after long life, at times, filled with strife, came to the conclusion stated in this scripture. That the only thing we should be concerned about is serving the Lord, for in the end, nothing else matters. Not gold nor silver nor any worldly thing only the Word of God (Jesus Christ) and our service to Him.

Just Sayin

 In 1997 one of the largest earthquakes to ever hit Russia occurred. There was massive damage to buildings as well as many lives lost. There was a story that came out of that tragedy however, that I have never forgotten. It is the story of a young preschool girl named Anna who was dropped off at daycare by her Dad that day just like every other day. Every day when he dropped her off she would begin to cry and he would promise her that no matter what happened he would come back for her.

A 50 pound lesson

What we say can come back to haunt us.  Believe me.  I’ve been haunted.  I was skinny for many years and proudly declared to the in-laws “Platt’s don’t gain weight!”  Well, guess what.  This 50 pound lesson has taught me that I ain’t so clever after all.  Here are some other haunting words and those who most likely use them. Please excuse the paragraphing for space reasons.  (I will not tell you which ones apply to me). 

Ramah Baptist News

  Our attendance was up for Sunday morning service. We started our new Sunday School quarter this week. Each lesson covers a book in the Bible starting with Genesis, The Beginnings.

I Give



 “He that humbles himself shall be exalted…” Matt. 23:12-I grew up red-headed and freckle-faced.  Some of my classmates called me “Booger Red” and others said they’d “rather be dead than red on the head”. I fought them almost daily while in grammar school.