The Walking Dead

Has anyone ever seen that show or watches that show? Maybe you have heard of it? Its a show about zombies. 

They're running around trying to eat peoples brains and stuff. 

Every five seconds something jumps out and scares you, makes you want to pee your pants. 

Who likes that show? 


Today we're going to be talking about the walking dead.

We're not going to be talking about zombies, were not going to be talking about that show. 

We are talking about people, who might be in this very town, who are spiritually dead. 

 I was reading an article once from the evangelist Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. and it was about finding out if you were spiritually dead as a Christian. Ted had a 3 step point that I would like to quickly share with you right now so you too can identify if you are one of those that are walking dead. 

#1. "Are you making any noise"?

As Ted notes, making noise is "shaking things up and giving God the praise and glory he deserves. Think about the last time you just really thanked God because of who He is. Can you think of that time?

#2. "Are you hungry"?

"Are you hungry to read the word of God? 

 Are you excited to read Gods word? 

 Are you in the word daily and talking to God in prayer? 

 How is your prayer life with God? Do you have one"? 

#3. "Are you growing"?

One of my favorite things that he mentions is this, "like a dead tree rots so will you if you are not spiritually growing".


Put those steps to the test, and let's see where you're at? If you are one that has died in your walk with God, it is not too late to give your life back to Him, and be full of life, living for King Jesus!