Things to Consider

This week I want to address a subject of concern that is extremely sensitive to some and may be offensive to others. But I in no way want to offend anyone. But I feel that this subject needs to be addressed in order to bring into focus some misguided views concerning the act of suicide. There are many different concerns that direct people to come to their own conclusions concerning this act. Some church denomination teach that this act is indeed a death sentence to a person’s soul, I.E. a sentenced to Hell. Everyone that I have spoken to quotes the sixth commandment “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!” This word kill is in all contexts of murder. As Webster says “the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought” Malice aforethought the premeditated desire to harm in someone who has committed a crime, especially murder. MALICE- the will to do harm to another. These definitions can justify or condemn one for that act of “murder” But I propose a greater question to all. Did Jesus not die for all people sins? Or did He die for all sins except suicide? NO-OUR Lord died to rectify all sins. When someone says that someone is condemned to hell because of this act, he has already judged that person to death of their soul. I personally believe that God is the judge and Jesus is our advocate. Did not Moses kill an Egyptian and bury him in the sand? Then if we go by man’s tradition even Moses is condemned to death of his soul. Come on, people let’s stop judging others and allow God to do His job. Doesn’t the Bible, in which we as Christians set our rules and boundaries say in Mathew 7:1&2 “Judge not, that ye be not judged”. For with what judgement ye judge, ye SHALL BE JUDGED: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you. again “mete” to distribute, appertain, deal out. “To mete out punishment” As for those that say that this act is one of the 10 commandments and punishment is set. Then consider this, if one commandment condemns one to death of their soul, then shouldn’t all the commandments condemn a person to death if they break the commandments? My fellow Christians’ I say all this, because I wish that no one will be guilty of judging another. If you or I are guilty, we have an advocate to take this sin to and ask for forgiveness. My friends in Christ and my friends that not as of now have found Christ and have Him dwelling within your hearts. I ask please let’s not be guilty of condemning another or judging another, God needs no help to judge, HE-IS-ABLE. Just please be mindful that Jesus died for all that accept and believe that He is the MESSIAH! He alone is able, and only God through Jesus will decide if you or I will be able to ascend into Heaven. There is only one sin that is not forgiven. So look at it like this how many people have died before they could make a confession and ask to be forgiven for all their sins. Does that mean they go to Hell because of an unforgiven transgression? Jesus is the one standing before God and saying this is my child I died for, the debt has been paid in full. HE IS FORGIVEN!  Sin is sin no matter what. Again I say only God can judge, and AGAIN, JESUS SAID IT IS PAID IN FULL.  As always respectfully yours Roger and Donna Harding

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