Spyders On The Bend Rally

Spyders On The Bend (SOTB) rally took place this past Saturday at Huxley Bay Marina. SOTB was created by Patti and Allen Hyndman of Shelby County.   They attend several rallies around the U.S. and wanted to use their experiences to raise money for two important missions, Sole Mission and Horses & Hearts.  Sole Mission was created by Kelly and Alisa Ward.  They travel around the U.S. where they purchase shoes for children who can’t afford them.  They have already given out a half a million shoes since starting the mission and this summer will give out ten thousand more pairs before the next school year.  The other mission that SOTB supported this past weekend was Horses & Hearts started by Marc and Dawn Green of Nacogdoches.  They use horses to work with special needs children.   They set up play days where children can come in and ride horses and do crafts. Rep. candidate for Shelby County Sheriff, Joey Hudnall is a proud, devoted member of Horses & Hearts. “Some of these children have never been on horses before and it is amazing to see how they react. Both missions are incredible and do so much for children. I’m fortunate to know the awesome people behind both missions and feel blessed to be able to see the differences they are making in children's lives especially ones with disabilities.”, stated Hudnall. Hudnall along with Tenaha PD Chief Jeremy Pope were both honored to have been asked to lead the rally on Saturday. Chief Pope said, “I feel so blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful event. Both missions help our youth and anytime there is a child in need, I will do my best to help in anyway that I can.” For more information on Sole Mission and Horses & Hearts Ministry please visit their websites. Solemission.org and you can find Horses and Hearts ministry on their Facebook page or for more information you can email them at HorsesandHeartsMinistry@gmail.com. Support our commUNITY and love thy neighbor!