Shooting The Breeze with Marsha Ann Talking with Cor Boutique co-owner and hair stylist Caroline Corbell

Shooting The Breeze with Marsha Ann

Talking with Cor Boutique co-owner and hair stylist Caroline Corbell


I don’t really have words to describe the beauty of Caroline. Its not just the beauty of her outward appearance that is hard to describe in just a few words, it is also the beauty in her heart. At 21 Caroline had already achieved a lifelong goal of owning her own hair salon. Currently, Caroline works at Elite Hair Design in Center. She and her husband, Jasper, own Cor Boutique and CAJA jewelry. I have known both for many years and love both of their kind, generous hearts. Caroline’s answers to my question show a little bit of her inner beauty. My heart smiled big when I heard her answers.

Question #1: What is something foolish you did as a kid that you now view as silly?

When you’re young, you do foolish things. I remember as a preteen having slumber parties with my girlfriends and thinking “prank calling” was the coolest thing ever. We would huddle around, decide who was going to be the “caller” and start dialing. Why we thought this was cool, I’ll never know. Young girls! Looking back, it was a very irrational decision on our part and our parents - I would assume - had no idea it was going on!


Question 2: If you were given 5 million dollars what type of small museum would you open?

If I were given five million dollars to open any type of museum, I believe it would be a “Good Samaritan” museum. Today’s world tends to be filled with bad news, negativity and gossip. It would be uplifting to be able to visit a museum that put those who are simply good people on display. Let others learn from their nice gestures, good deeds and helping hand. Add some positivity back in this hectic and critical world. Whether it be someone who silently helps others and wants no recognition, a teacher that made a difference in hundreds of children’s lives or a hero.

Question 2: Who had the most influence on you when you were younger?

Growing up a small child my Granny, Nell Hutchins, was my rock. Granny was a strong, hardworking, deep loving soul. Many of my traits were inherited from her. She taught me that family was everything, no matter what. Blood is thicker than water. To be a hard worker and believe 100% in yourself in whatever you do. One thing Granny instilled in us was to never give up - whatever trials you face, you go at it with full force believing that God will help you through. She was is now my guardian Angel and would be so proud of each one of her children.


The Lord has tremendously blessed me by allowing me to be friends with someone so loving and so inwardly beautiful. She is the epitome of a classic Southern lady. Her outer beauty is breathtaking but her inner beauty breathes life into those around her. To know Caroline is to love her. I look forward to many more years of seeing her shine bright. Remember to always support local and love thy neighbor.