Shooting The Breeze With Marsha Ann

Talking with Panola County Sheriff Kevin Lake

Sheriff Kevin Lake was raised in Gary and graduated from Gary ISD. He is happily married to his wife of 25 years, Melinda. I am 47 years old and I live in Carthage, Texas. They have two children, Kelsey and Cody who is married to Macie. Sheriff Lake is the proud grandpa of 10-month-old Paige. Sheriff Lake attended Panola before going to police academy in Kilgore. Lake has been in the field of law enforcement, in Panola County for 27 years. He worked for the Sheriff's Office for 13 years before running for Constable in precincts 1&4. Lake proudly served as Constable for 8 years before returning to the Sheriff's Office as the Chief Deputy. He was then appointed as the Sheriff in 2013, and still serves Panola County as Sheriff. Lake is also active in the community and at his church, Eastside Baptist church where he is a Sunday school teacher and Deacon. I am so very honored to shoot the breeze with such a fine man who gives so much to his community.

Question #1: What is the silliest on the job injury you have had?

Probably the silliest on the job injury is a dog bite from my own police canine. I was taking his toy away from him repeatedly, just having fun messing with him at a demonstration for a local school. He apparently got tired of the little harassment, so he bit me. Everyone there learned a little lesson!     


Question #2: If you were given a one-minute ad during the Super Bowl what would you fill it with?

 I would present a dynamic, one-minute video of the plan of salvation to the estimated 103 million people watching the super bowl.


Question #3: If you had to choose one cause to support for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

The Pro-Life Movement because I believe there's no such thing as an "unplanned" pregnancy, and every child deserves a chance at life.   

Question #4: Who had the most influence on you when you were growing up and how?

My parents. They were hard-working, God-fearing parents who led by example. I was disciplined, I got spankings, I was made to mind, I was taught to give respect, I was taught manners, I had to do my homework, I wasn't allowed to miss school, I had chores, I was taught the value of a hard-earned dollar and had jobs, and I was carried to church. They taught me that my actions always had consequences. Many label this kind of parenting as "abuse", but they called it love. I think I turned out pretty good as a result of how my parents raised me. I am human and make many mistakes, but I am grateful for my upbringing. They were by far the biggest influence when I was growing up, and they are still a huge influence in my adult life.


Sheriff Kevin Lake is the epitome of a great law enforcement officer. He is a family man and a Christian who serves Panola County with outstanding leadership and is an inspiration to so many. Remember to always support our commUNITY and love thy neighbor.