Roy Platt

1.      What is your full name?  Roy Nelson Platt

2.      When and where were you born?

Atlanta Ga.  10/19/1952

3.      What are/were your parents’ names? Who were your grandparents’ names.  Parents:  Ed Platt and Mildred (Black) Platt

            Grandparents:  Grover and Effie Black  (mother side)

     Temperance Connaly grandmother (Grandfather unknown to me)


4.      How many brothers and sisters do/did you have?  2 brothers, 1 sister

5.      Did you have a nick name when you were growing up?  Roho

6.      Who was your best friend when growing up?  David Graem

7.      From what high school did you graduate?  1st Graduating class of North Mesquite High School 1971

8.      Did you graduate from college? Name college or colleges that you attended along with year of graduation.   Dallas Christian College 1977

9.      Were you in any branch of the Armed Forces and if you are a veteran of any war.  NO

10.    What is your current or former occupation?  Paraprofessional Timpson ISD High School  --Minister, Woodland Christian Church—Bus Driver TIMPSON ISD—Bear Football announcer

11.    Do you belong to any organizations (churches, social clubs, political, etc.)?  Woodland Christian Church

12.    Do/did you have a spouse or a significant other? When and how did you meet this special person?   Wife:  Freid Lois Trahan Platt.   I met her by accident by dating her room-mate in college.  I called up to talk to the other girl and she was not there to answer the phone so my future wife picked up the phone and we began talking.  The rest is history

13.    Do you have any children? What are their ages?  Neal Platt  26,  Ben Platt, 24, Daniel Platt 22,  Brendan Costner  15

14.    What is your hobby? Rocketry, Astronomy

15.    What are your favorite foods, music, songs, movies, books, TV programs, sport teams, sports, etc?  Cajun Food, Church’s Chicken,  History/Discovery/ NatGeo channel/Foxx News, Dallas Cowboys (God bless ‘em).  Football

16.    Write the most memorable places you have traveled to, with whom, and why?  The Carribean 2009 with the wife. (to get away)  Alaska 2010—3 week drive trip, 11,000 miles, 2400 pictures, Solo, to have an adventure for a vacation for a change (to really get away—enough said).  The Philippines with the Sons of the Cross quartet, city wide revival in Manilla.

17.    What are some of the significant historical or social changing events that you experienced in your life-time?  Kennedy Assasination:  I was going to school in a Dallas suburb at the time.  First Landing on the moon:  my cup of tea. 

18.    What is something that you are most proud of and why?  The Family:  they are blessing innumerable.  The Study of the ‘way out there stuff’ in space:  It is a complete WOW.

19.    What is/are your greatest accomplishment/s in life and why (e.g. business, professional, academic, social, family, etc.)?  The Construction of the Fellowship Centre at Woodland Christian Church.  The making of 1 Album in the quartet I was involved with

20.  If you can re-live a particular event in your life, what would it be?  The Alaska Adventure:  Planned to repeat in 2013—this time the wife wants to go (pray for her)


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