Rebecca Dillon

1.  Rebecca Dillon
2.  September 11, 1949 in Dallas, Texas
3.  skip
4.  One brother
5.  skip
6.  Lots of them.....but now my best friend is my husband and my best girlfriend is my Mother
7.  Garland High School, 1967
8.  Stephen F. Austin University - M. Ed. December 1990
9.  No.
10.  Retired high school teacher/ special education diagnostician/teacher of undergraduate education students at SFASU
11.  Friends of the Nacogdoches Public Library and Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful.  We also support Esther's Closet,             Timpson Library, and Timpson Volunteer Fire Dept in Timpson.
12.  I have been married to Robert Dillon for almost 35 years.  We met July 5, 1975 in Corpus Christi, Texas.
13.  We have two children - twin boys - who are 30 years old.  Both married.  Two grandsons.
14.   Gardening, crafting, reading, writing, music - not in order of enjoyment.
15.  Too many to list in all categories.  I enjoy a wide variety of music and books.  Love almost all food except for raw         oysters and saurkraut and hotdogs.
16.     Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico - honeymoon with husband.  New York City - with high school group - attended         actors workshops, Rockefeller Center, Broadway musicals, Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty.   Also enjoyed                 visiting husband's family in Chicago, Illinois - great restaurants, beautiful lake front, many things to experience.
        Trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe, Nevada - educators conference - drove around Tahoe and went up the ski lift.
        Also trips to Williamsburg, Virginia......South Padre Island..... San Diego, CA......Yellowstone National                         Park.....and many places in Texas, especially Galveston, Austin, San Antonio.   I do not like flying any more, but I         would love to go to Tuscany and live there for a year or so!
17.    Important legislation  - Brown vs. Board of Education, Roe vs. Wade, Individuals with Disabilities Education                 Act, Americans with Disabilities Act.  Korean Conflict. Cuban Missle Crisis.  Cold War.  Civil Rights                             Movement.  Assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK.  Vietnam War.  Peace marches.  Watergate. Sputnik.  Space                 race.  US first space missions.  Apollo 13.  First step on the moon.  Challenger.  Columbia.  NASA and space             shuttles.  Diana  and Charles.  September 11, 2001.  Election of Obama.  Kate and William.  Typical Baby boomer         history.
18.    I am proud of our sons, who have grown into hard-working, good-hearted men who take excellent care of their             families.
        I am proud of my husband for many things, but especially because he was an entrepreneur and built his                         own business, which has provided for our family for the past 30 years.
        I feel proud of our wonderful grandsons and their parents.
        I am proud to be the daughter of great parents who are both still alive and aging well.
19.    Business - working with my husband in building our business over the past 30 years.
        Professional - I believe that I was a caring teacher and and made a difference in the lives of my students and their         families in special education.
        Academic - going to graduate school part-time while I worked full time at SFASU and took care of our home and         my husband and our children who were 7 years old when I started.  It took me 2 1/2 years, one course each                 semester, but I did it!
        Social - I do my best to be a good friend.  I have been a volunteer at elementary schools and the Nacogdoches             Public Library.
        Family - I do my best to be a loving and supportive mother and mother-in-law and granny
20.    Being pregnant and giving birth to two full term, healthy baby boys.  That was a special day!

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