Ramah News 5-13-19

  We had a good crowd for our Mother’s Day service. We were glad to have Alyne McDaniel with us.  Her children are good about bringing her for special occasions.   I hope all you had a great day. I had a good Mother’s Day, with lunch, flowers, pots and potting soil, just what I wanted. I lost my mother several years ago, but to me she was the best.

   There was only one birthday this week. Coda Bowden, my grandson celebrated his 8th birthday on the 11th. Eugene is his Dad.

We took a few names off our prayer list and added these: Brenda York, James Lee, Cecil Smith, Denise Cox, and Bubba Spurlock.

   We recognized our oldest mother in the service which was Loyce Bush, the yougest was Kristi Angelo (our pastor daughter}, and the mother with the most kids in the service was Brandy Eubank.

   Bro Keith took his message from Luke 12:16-21. This is the parable about the man who was blessed with much. He decided to tear down his barns to build bigger ones to store up his fruits and goods, that he should take life easy for years to come. God said unto him, “Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee; then whose shall those things be which thou has provided? He that layeth up treasures for himself is not rich toward God. If you knew you had only 12 hours of life left, what would you do?

Would you have to make changes in your life? We should make sure we are saved, and that God has forgiven us. We need to be attending church somewhere and surving God in some capacity. We should make things right with others now where there is still time.

    We’ll be having our Church Business Meeting on May 22nd. Men’s prayer meeting every Tuesday morning at 7:00. Our youth meet on Wednesday nights 6:30. If you are not serving the Lord somewhere, we would love for you to come serve with us.